Valentine Old Window Vignette

Valentine Vignette

A few weeks ago our next door neighbor, Linda, had her basement windows replaced.  I just happened to be walking by with Bo when a man was bringing seven windows to the dump pile.  Are you throwing those windows away I asked? He looked up, and with a pretty polish accent said Yes!  Can I have them? Sure, what are you going to do with them?  Oh I’ll figure out something!

I brought Bo home, we were headed back from our 4 house short walk, and quickly headed next door and brought six back. Three of the windows became the foundation for our Valentine Vignette.

Valentine Old Window Vignette

At the time didn’t know the windows would be used in our Valentine vignette, and when I was pulling it together I wondered if the windows were a little too chippy? What do you think?

The L O V E letters were the only new items purchased (other than what I made) from Savers a few weeks back.

Love Letters

Valentine Fabric Hoops

The two Valentine fabric hoops were added to filled in the middle area and also helped the letters pop.

Old Windows

Two more of the Valentine Fabric Hoops were place in the bottom window along with a few of my Knitted Hearts.   The rose cup under the cloche was a garage sale find last year (do you see my shadow?)

Vintage Oil Can funnel

The red oil can funnel was used outside in my Christmas Porch and wanted to use it for Valentine’s too.  Just plopped a few fake pink roses in. The vintage rose picture, one of my favorites, was added along with a metal candlestick.

Vintage tea pot and transerware cups

A few transferware dishes are under the cloche. A vintage teapot and vase filled with a red yarn ball were added.

Valentine Vignette

Sometimes I struggle pulling vignettes together, I love the red and white theme I carried over from Christmas.  When I look at the vignette it made me feel happy.

Have you pulled together any Valentine vignettes?

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  1. JaneEllen says

    Love your vignette. What an incredible score of the old windows. Great size to use. I had to leave a bunch of old wood windows when we moved from KY, it was really hard for me not to strap those windows on top of the old Suburban. We had to leave so many things behind we could sure use now.
    I’m lovin’ how you used the embroidery hoops in your vignette, I’m gonna have to copy that. The red and white is a great look and combination to use. Always looks fresh and clean. Great job.
    Imagine your kitties will miss Bo also. Ours sure did when our cocker spaniel died. We have an orange kitty also.

  2. says

    How lucky for you that you caught those before they were thrown out! They look perfect on your mantle!LOVE your valentine vignette!

  3. says

    Cathy, I LOVE the windows! Three is the perfect number…if you decide you don’t want them, I’ll surely take them off your hands 😉 Love your sweet display with the red and white.

  4. JaneEllen says

    Hi there Wondering how you’re dealing with loss of your wonderful BO? I think about you alot and how hard it must be for you. Hope your kitties will help to soften the blow you’ve suffered. I imagine the kitties miss him too. I know our cat would sure miss our Tommy.

  5. says

    Hi Cathy! I love your vignette and as far as the windows the chippier the better. lol I also like your fabric hoops. So pretty. I’m not too good at vignettes. I think they look pretty good but the pictures just never look good to me. Yours are always pretty. Thanks for joining us at Transformed Tuesday. Hugs, Peggy

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