Tea Cup Vignette

Valentine Buffet Vignette…

I know, it’s the day before Valentines and I’m just getting my Valentine Buffet Vignette up!  Actually it’s been done for a while, but I just wasn’t happy with the right hand side.

Valentine Vignette

Over the mirror I hung a large vintage basket lid with a white boa wreath inside, simple and cute.

Vintage Basket lid and wreath

On left side I hung one of my favorite rose plates on the shutter, sorry about photo, it’s been so dark and gloomy here the last few days.

Rose Plate

Below it I interchanged out a few items, Valentine napkin, some of my knitted roses. I added a pretty rose plate on top of the cake plate and just plopped in a few silk roses in the candlestick, again simple.

Valentine Vignette

I know you can see me in the photo, at least I have on a red sweat shirt on!

Below the mirror I added some of my prettiest rose plates in an old box…I just made the little heart and added to the front.

Rose Plates

On the right hand side, which fought me, I just couldn’t get the right balance, but am happy with how it looks now.  I used a letter holder I found at GW for a smaller plate rack, added teacups to and a rose planter? to the candelabra.

Rose Plate Vignette

I just found the cute vase at GW the same day I found the letter holder.  Plucked some more silk roses inside (sorry my budget didn’t allow for real roses).

Tea Cup Vignette

At the top, in this picture I added the drop cloth heart to the silver tray (hot glued) and an simple red bottle.

I have fallen in love with red/white combination since Christmas, so much so I’ve been thinking about doing a room in red and white.

Valentine Vignette

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Valentine Buffet Vignette!!!


  1. JaneEllen says

    Your whole vignette is very pretty, looks like you went to a great deal of trouble to put it all together. You have so many pretty plates that are perfect for Valentines among other little items.
    I don’t have much in that vein anymore but I do make things for my granddaughters and hubs.
    Happy Week

  2. says

    Lovely vignette, and I really like the rose themed plates in the rustic box–very inventive way to display some beautiful pieces! Cathy, I’m not sure what’s wrong with feedburner, but this post wasn’t delivered to my email account until today… I believe some other ladies out there in blogland have been having a similar problem. Odd!

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