The Charmer's are Sick

Twas The Week Before Christmas

Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the Charmer house

Us creature’s were stirring…
the tree was done, the stockings hung.

Looking forward to..
table vignettes to create..
linens to make..
sweets to bake..

Activities galore….then something St. Nicholas didn’t bring us…

The Charmer's are Sick

 Mr. Charmer took sick last Sunday, and I on Monday…
it’s been bad!

I hope tomorrow to have enough energy to some last minute Christmas projects…


Hope you are all well for the holidays!


  1. JaneEllen says

    Hi Cathy So sorry to hear you’re under the weather. Doggone sickies don’t time their appearance at convenient times. Maybe that’s one way of telling you and Mr. Charmer you need to take it easy and let other people do the work and take care of whatever needs to be done and you two just rest. There will be other holidays and you can do your thing then. Again sorry to hear you’re feeling icky, take care of yourselves and let life pass as it will for a few days if you can.
    Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and health restored soon.

  2. says

    This is toooo super cute…but soooo sorry to hear you are not feeling toooo good! Take care of yourself, rest and enjoy your love ones around you…one or two less vignette’s will not be noticed (only maybe by you)! Hope you feel better soon, sending you healing vibes!
    Holiday Hugs,

  3. says

    Feel better!!! So sorry…
    It’s been quite the couple of weeks over here too including one of my kids flat out for a week!
    Wishing you a Healthy New Year!
    ~ Jodie

  4. says

    Sorry to hear that both of you are sick – and I can relate! I’ve been sick since Thursday. I’m a little bit better, but still pretty congested and coughing a lot. Hope we’re all better in two days!

    • says

      So sorry to hear you are sick, the congestion and coughing is horrible isn’t it. Gosh just won’t seem to go away. We got up today, and hopefully both of us are on our way to better health.

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