Tutorial: Burlap Trimmed Drop Cloth Curtains


It’s been difficult lately to focus, but I wanted to share with you my Tutorial: Burlap Trimmed Drop Cloth Curtains.

Our Burlap Trimmed Drop Cloth Curtains I made for our dinning room.

As promised here’s the tutorial.

There were a few things I wished I knew about drop cloths before I started this project that caused a few headaches!

So I’m sharing that with you:
1) Drop cloths may not always measure the size listed on label (can be off by 6″)
2) Drop cloths are stiff new, adding 1/2 cup baking soda to wash will them soften up.
3) Drops cloth will have some shrinkage with each washing/drying
3) Drop cloths have seams at odd places.
4) Buy the number of needed drop cloths from the same box/lot, there can be a big difference in the “shade”.

 From the photo you can see that  drop cloths can vary in length and width…

One other thing – 1 of the 7  drop cloths I bought, one had a seam in it, the seam was at an odd place about 12″ from bottom.  So keep this in mind you might need to purchase more drop cloths than you think.  There will also be some shrinkage, so wash  before sewing. Don’t want to have shorter curtains once washed!

I double washed/dried my drop cloths, in both cycles I added 1/2 baking soda – this really softened them up – allowing softer curtains folds to form.

I ended up purchasing 7, 2 extra, because of the seam and the variation on length.  I purchased the 6×9 and used the 6′ for  my length and the 9′ for my width.

My curtains were hung on tension rods with an inside mount – measured 30″ inside.  I more than doubled the fabric width for each window.  I used two panels (35″ per panel) for each window, the double panels came to 70″ per window.

NOTE: the first curtain I made I went with 2 panels of 54″ wide and there just wasn’t enough folds, just not full enough!

From this point you should be able to figure out your measurements for your curtains (if not just leave a comment).

Making Burlap Trim.

Materials Needed:
Landscape burlap (much softer than fabric burlap). My is from Lowe’s in outdoor garden section ($9.98 for 30″ x24′) glue gun, 2″ wide strips of drop cloths.

Burlap Strips:
Cut the burlap strips out, I had burlap ribbon on hand and used as a guide. It would of been too expensive to used because I would of needed about 8 rolls (approx. $38 vs. $10 for outdoor burlap).

I used the ribbon as a guide for cutting, it measured 5″ wide.

Next the strips were cut into 7″ lengths.

I think I used approx. 30 for each window.

Making Burlap Pouches

I ripped  2″ wide (plus you needed length) strips from the drop cloths.  I folded about 1/2″ over (folded side used to attach to curtains). and attach burlap pouches to. My windows were 30″ wide and I used a strip slightly shorter – 29 1/2″.

Note: from here on in photos are not the greatest – hot glue is HOT and sticky!

 Fold each 7″ strip in half lengthwise, then scrunched the bottoms together and secure with hot glue.

Hot glue each burlap “pouch” across the drop cloth strip. You can see the middle seems a little bare…

so I’d adds more to the middle, adding more “fluff” going in different directions.

I kept added the burlap pouches until the strip was completed covered.

Attaching to Curtain:

Sorry don’t have photo, but just take the filled burlap strips and hand tack to top of your curtains.  I thought of hot gluing, but didn’t think with opening/closing and the weight of each that it wouldn’t hold well.

I didn’t hand sew completely across, just about every 3-4″.  This is enough to hold in place.

NOTE:  Make your curtains “folds” before securing, and stitch on either side or fold or they will hang funny.

They are really easy to make, the most time consuming is cutting the strips out.

If  you have any questions, just leave me a comment and I will get back to you.

Hope to see you all sharing you creative inspiration at Sunday’s Best #53 Sunday, December 2!


  1. says

    My hubby runs a lumber yard at Mendards…I called him right away when I got this post and he had to get the forklift into the Garden Center (now closed) to get the Burlap for me. Thanks for the tip about the landscape burlap being softer and to buy all the drop cloths at once…I love it when I can have him shop at work and bring me home all the supplies I need! I’m gonna make these for our bedroom curtains, I think they will be gorgeous with my handmade quilts and all my garden, country decor in that room! Thanks for the great tutorial!!!
    Crafty Hugs,

  2. says

    thank you for sharing a wonderful idea. With those curtains the possiblities are endless and all thanks to you. Have a wonderful, quiet weekend, you, your family and Bo. Our Prayers are with you.
    Lisa Rose

  3. says

    these are great. i’m going to do it! i didn’t understand your note: “Make your curtains “folds” before securing, and stitch on either side or fold or they will hang funny.” Do you mean to make the hand tacks through both the top front and the top folded-over-and-sewn back of the curtain? I really like that you used tension rods because that’s what i want to do too. Good job with the photos — that helps SOOO much!

  4. says

    I love the burlap detail and I think I am going to do this on my kitchen curtains. They are a French look ticking with a red stripe in the fabric. I always thought they looked unfinished so this frill should do the trick. Thanks!

  5. sharon says

    This is going to be perfect for covering the back of my house for my son’s garden wedding in August! I was going to hang curtain panels but this is so much cheaper & cuter. The bride is making burlap/lace table runners so this will be perfect!

  6. Susan says

    I had just begun the process of making a Burlap Curtain for my back porch door. I already had a few yds of Muslin. I just love your idea. I also love your sheet music above your Fireplace mantel. How did you attach it? I am a new subscriber! Did you have a past tutorial on this topic? Thanks!

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