Tilapia With Cilantro Butter

Hello everyone,

One of my favorite herbs is Cilantro, I can't get enough of it. I'll even eat it by itself...one thing is certain you either love cilantro or you hate cilantro.  Well I'm in the I love cilantro category! I'm so happy I came up with  the recipeTilapia with Cilantro Butter recipe.

Tilapia With Cilantro Butter

Tilapia is only available as "farm raised"...which I typically stay away from.  Farm raised fish is not raised in healthy conditions.  But, I will buy tilapia from Whole Foods due to their strict requirements.  Even though they are farmed raised the conditions are much healthier and it is fresh not frozen.

It's so easy but does not lack in flavor. Do yourself a favor and make this!



  1. Cathy,

    This sounds fantastic. I'm always looking for ways to jazz up fish. Are we baking or pan frying this?


  2. Linda Southworth says:

    Looking at more ways to eat fish. This sounds like a winner! So what was your cooking method?

  3. I love tilapia but I have never tried it with cilantro butter ~ I think I'll give this a try next week. Thanks for joining Project Inspire{d} this week, Cathy ~ pinning

    hugs, Mary Beth

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