1. I love your thrifting stories the best! You always have such good ideas. Your stairway (and cottage) look so cozy.

  2. Cathy, I am so jealous! That looks so pretty. I would love to copy you on this idea but we don’t have any of the deals you come by. I do want to do more art on our stair wall but I feel stuck. Lots of different styles and not sure which direction to go in. I have my greatgrandmother’s paintings in the living room but I am thinking of switching them to something a little happier and not so serious. But then I feel guilty about it and think I should be more grateful to have them. Back and forth I go! The staircase wall gets a lot of traffic here too, especially from my musician husband and he always bumps the wall with some of this equipment. I guess I will have to figure this out! Great inspiration!

  3. **Beautiful, love the way all your sweet pictures look on your wall** I especially love that they are all flowers, so pretty!!!

  4. Oh my…… my heart is “pitter- pattering” !! Love it! I have the start of a collection of floral pictures. Thinking about it for my office. You’ve inspired me! Thank you!!!

  5. Whenever I find an infestation of lady bugs I call it a “Lady Bug Blessing.” But not if they’re all dead! I have thought, many times of painting a canvas white and sprinkled with lady bugs, that I could attach to the corner of a white ceiling. That way it would look like I always have a lady bug blessing. 80)

  6. I love it! I have a long wall in my hallway that I showcase my Bessie Pease Gutmann collection with photos of my daughter from age 3 months to 18 years old. Some visitors have mistaken my daughter as the baby/toddler in Bessie’s pieces, which is an honor to be sure. Currently I am trying to assemble a mix of floral plates and Lena Liu artwork for my very blue bedroom (color existed when I moved in) with white furnishings to brighten the space and give it a cottage feel. Scored some nice pieces yesterday while thrifting! Best way to shop!

  7. O, I love this….they look wonderful on your wall…I think one thing that makes it look so pretty is that you choose brighter florals.
    So adorable….

  8. That wall is beautiful. I love it. I like old floral prints. And the frames are all so pretty. You did a fantastic job. Thanks for showing it. Hugs, Karie

  9. Hi Cathy, Love the way you have surrounded that beautiful floral picture with the others. You have so many lovely frames too! Am wondering how you hang all your collections and keep changing them out without holes in the wall? Especially on your pretty wall paper.

  10. I just love wall galleries and yours is so perfect with all the different vintage frames and florals. The staircase is a perfect place to showcase them all!

  11. Cathy,
    Thank so much for stopping by! I am so excited about being part time and having more time to do the things that I want to do….
    Love your wall gallery on the stair case!! I really like all the different frames! It added such character!!

    Thanks so much for sharing!!


  12. They are beautiful Cathy! I love the large round one. I have a couple, but seldom run across them. You’ve done a great job! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  13. Ooooh, how delightful, my friend! I simply love your floral wall gallery. The frames are elegant and the paintings are lovely. Thank you for sharing with Roses of Inspiration…..I will be featuring this at tomorrow’s party 🙂

    Happy hugs to you!

  14. Hi Cathy, wow your wall is so beautiful with all of the floral painting and pretty frames. What great finds. Thanks so much for joining and sharing this at our Cooking and Crafting with J & J.

  15. Wow, it looks really pretty! I love all the different shapes and sizes! It’s ok that you haven’t collected enough too… it’s much more fun to grow a collection over time I think :o)


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