Thoughtful Neighbors and Adjusting….

It's been a week of the loss and silence felt throughout our home with Bo's passing.

Laid Back Bo

We are all adjusting to this loss, each in our own way.
But our sweet Sugar is having a very hard time,


Sugar and Bo were inseparable. She slept with him, would only drink from his water bowl, cleaned him and would rarely leave Bo's side.  Sugar keeps wandering the Charmer looking for sweet Bo.  She's been very quiet, and sad.  I feel so bad for her.

The doorbell rang yesterday, and Mr. Charmer and I gave each other a who could that be?

Well it was our sweet neighbor Amy, who bought us a pretty plant...


Offered her condolences and listened while we shared a few stories about our Bo.

Bo was so loved. We miss him dearly!



  1. Margaret Lambdin says:

    I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved pet. It truely is a heartbreaking event. May God care for you and your family as you all heal.

  2. Indeed, such a sweet neighbor! And I do know the sadness of the one left behind - I saw that w/ my CoCo when her sister of the heart, Myndie Ruth, the one who showed her the ropes on how to be a doggy, and in turn CoCo would lick the bacon bites off Myndie's lab jowls, left us ... Another online friend of mine, Natalie, on the blog XL as life! - - just wrote about the loss of her parents doggy Emily (she lives at home, so Emily was 'part of the pack') ...

  3. Dear Cathy and Sugar,
    I am so very sorry that Bo had to leave. Alot of people do not believe it but Jesus loved the animals and I believe we will see them again in heaven, after all Jesus is coming back on a white horse. Was Sugar allowed to smell of Bo after he passed...they say it is important to let the other one smell of them...when our daughter passed in our living room, her little chihuahua we have adopted licked her hand...animals are so much more in tune than most people give them credit for.
    I found that one thing that helps is make a special shelf for them...a picture, their collar, things like that
    I will be praying for the pain in your heart
    hugs to Sugar and you

  4. Now that I have had a chance to come to my senses I wanted to say what a gorgeous dog Bo was.
    Once again Cathy, I am so very sorry.
    Our dog Sammy and our cat Andy are inseparable
    Sammy has already lived 5 years longer than they said he would....we cherish every day with him
    lots of hugs

  5. Cathy,
    My heart breaks for you...
    I feel your loss and sadness so much because I went through this myself....The hardest thing for me and still is , was coming home in the mornings to an empty house and not having my sweet Savanna waiting for me at the door. She was my constant companion and there are times that i swear I hear her on the steps...


  6. Cathy, every time I look at our wonderful Buddy, with his cloudy eyes and gray face, I think of your Bo and feel some of what you must have felt during Bo's illness. Now, poor little Sugar is suffering. It will pass but so sad to see now. Thank you for taking the time to leave lovely comments to me. I appreciate it . Take care, Judy

  7. It's so hard when a beloved pet dies. We've gone through that a few times now with our cats over the years. I am sending you hugs over the internet and pets for Sugar.

  8. So sorry for you all - Sugar included. It's so hard to see animals grieve. Hugs to all of you!

  9. Ohhh...I am feeling so sorry for Sugar, too. Poor kitty. What a lovely and thoughtful neighbor you have...xoxo

  10. Hi Cathy - I just found your blog today and read your touching stories about Bo. I am so very sorry for your loss.

  11. I'm so sorry for the loss of your pet. Poor Sugar. I hope she feels better soon.

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