Our Fall Mantel

Our Fall Mantel

I feel I need to warn you guys...why?  Cause there's a whole lot of  fallishness coming your way the next week.  The photos are taken and posts have been written to share how cute the Charmer looks dressed up in fall. I always like to do my mantel first...well that's not exactly true...I have to […]

How To Make A Fall Fabric Wreath

How To Make A Fall Fabric Wreath

I love having wreaths on my front door, hanging on a wall or from a window.  This fall I wanted something different...I wanted to use  fabric....and it needed to be a quick and easy project. A wreath that had an old time feel to it.  To make one for yourself I'm sharing the tutorial on […]

Too Late To Share My Spring Wreath

Spring Oil Painting with bird

I've been in a frenzy to get all our major summer projects completed. I haven't shared a few projects that have been done for quite awhile! So. . . .  is it too late to share my spring wreath with you? I hope not since sharing the wreath with you will help me bring closure […]

Hydrangea Autumn Wreath!

Hydrangea Autumn Wreath

Morning, It was a beautiful day here today, sunny and around the low 60's - I so love this weather. The windows are done, I could move around freely - and hubs wasn't complaining I was "in his space" thing going on. So I totally enjoyed decorating our home for Fall. I finished our fall […]

Falling For Leaves


  I love fall, even though it 's not officially fall yet the weather is certainly acting like it - sunny days and cooler nights. With the cooler weather my energy level has really perked up, not a hot weather girl. The other night as I sat on the couch I knew I wanted to […]