Our Fall Mantel

Our Fall Mantel

I feel I need to warn you guys...why?  Cause there's a whole lot of  fallishness coming your way the next week.  The photos are taken and posts have been written to share how cute the Charmer looks dressed up in fall. I always like to do my mantel first...well that's not exactly true...I have to […]

Kitchen Updo: Vintagizing Our Windows

Vintage Wood Windows

The weather has been absolutely beautiful in Northern IL. I've been spending all my time in the garden and not a lot of time on our kitchen project.  But I don't think I've enjoyed a project as much as I have updating our kitchen.  It's been a project that's been so much fun and has […]

Why I Can’t Decorate For Fall – For Now Any Way!

Charmer Window

Smiles peeps, It's so beautiful out and Fall is in the air, and I've so being wanting to do some Fall decorating, but I can't! Why - because we are renovating the dinning room windows. Last year I shared with you how bad our living room windows looked. Peeling old looking windows - then we […]

Windows Renovation and Updo – Part 1: Dismantling


Seriously, we've gonna talk windows here.. WHY? because our windows are really in BAD shape. We've talking 90 year old, leaky windows, that have zillions of coats of paint Well. ..that's not exactly true - MOST have paint - some spots NO paint at all. How bad can they be you say, really UGH.LY bad... […]