Monday Meanderings

Vintage Rose Dishes

I hope you enjoy Monday Meanderings with its laid back, casual and wandering topics. Last Friday was Mr. C's and I anniversary, 16 years we've been together.  We had planned to go to dinner Friday night but, we were both so tired working on the garage sale, we just ordered in.  On Saturday we celebrated […]

Wine Crate Plate Holder

Wine Crate Plate Holder

As many of you know Mr. C and I have been busy with our kitchen updo.  Today was a jammed pack day of activity. The Charmer lacks storage space...but then again most homes seem to lack in this area.  The last few months I've been buying a ton of dishes and wanted to display some […]

Valentine LOVE..

Valentine Love

Hello everyone, I hope you all will share your creative inspiration with Sunday's Best Par.tay #58, Sunday February 2.  New time 9:00 a.m. Love to see what you've been up to! My New Year's resolution is to live life more simply, with this in mind I'm  creating a Valentine Heart, Button and Rose Vignette. So […]

A Trip to the Dungeon Ends In a Corner Vignette!

Vintage Door Corner Vignette

As I headed down to the dungeon (basement) the last thing on my mind was pulling together a kitchen corner vignette. Old doors have been used in decorating lately but I hadn't even thought of using one until I headed downstairs. I completely forgotten there was an old door until I stumbled upon it. It's […]

It’s A Winter Wonderland Buffet Vignette…

Winter Wunderland Buffet

I have always loved Winter, and this year is no exception.  Most people, even ones who live in cold weather always give me that are you crazy look?  But I'm not, just love the beauty of winter, the snow, snow outlined foot tracks, the crisp cold air entering your lungs, ice skating, sledding, hiking in […]

A Perfectly Imperfect Home Tour…Part ll

Christmas Kitchen

Hello and welcome to A Perfectly Imperfect Home Tour...Part ll. If you missed the Perfectly Imperfect Home Tour...Part I click on the link.  It explains why I called the tours imperfectly imperfect! Part ll tour starts in the kitchen.. I haven't shown my kitchen very often and was oh so happy when I found three […]

Christmas Nativity Vignette

Christmas Nativity Vignette

When I was young Mama always set up a nativity set under the tree.  We always had a big tree so it was no problem seeing it snug and tucked underneath...on top a very lovely tree skirt Mom would make. Since the Charmer is not a large house we've always settled our Christmas tree in […]

Our Christmas Tablescape…

Christmas Table

Today I'm sharing Our Christmas Tablescape! The first thing I did was to make chair covers using a plaid material leftover from Christmas 2011. I didn't' have enough to make seat skirts too, so I made them out of winter white corduroy.. I guess you can't see the corduroy too good?  It's been so cloudy […]

Our 2013 Christmas Mantel…

Cardinal Ornaments

Behind the scenes I'm in a frenzy to get our Christmas decorating done...the other day I shared our 2013 Christmas Buffet, today I'm sharing with your our 2013 Christmas Mantel! The red and white theme continued from our Christmas buffet.  Before I share our mantel with you I just want to say how wonderful it's […]

2013 Christmas Buffet…

2013 Red/white Christmas Buffet

Hello Everyone, Today I'm going to share with you my 2013 Christmas Buffet! It's so exciting to finally be able to share the Christmas Season with you. I do love decorating our buffet up... I also love a red and white themed Christmas...and it makes me happy, instead of what's trendy at the moment. The […]