Cottage Summer Living Area

Hello!  It’s so great to have the bulk of the major projects over and in control.  I’ve been shifting between working on Minnie and my craft room. As I was cleaning up I realized our cottage summer living area hasn’t been shared yet. Have you noticed all across blogland, and in stores, Fall decor is everywhere. I love Fall, but… Read More

Spring Buffet Vignette

One area I always enjoy decorating is our buffet.  Perhaps you might not know, but, this is the fourth buffet we’ve had!  If you like to see two before (don’t have photos for first one) click here and here.  I’ve had my Spring Buffet Vignette done for a while and just now getting to sharing it now.

Spring Vignettes

I love vintage soup tureens so when I spotted two floral cottagey ones I grabbed them right up!  My dinning room corner cabinet was the perfect spot to show case them in spring vignettes. Here they are in streaming early morning light…. This is my absolute favorite floral soup tureen…made in England, W. H. Grindley, Kenwood pattern…it’s beyond beautiful!  It… Read More

Christmas Living Area

Hello Everyone, I’m excited to be able to share with you more of our Christmas Home Tour! A few days ago was A Charming Christmas Dining Room and today is our Christmas Living Area.  It’s hard taking photos in the Charmer because she is a long house (front to back) and not very wide. I really need a wide angle… Read More

A Charmer Holiday Home Tour Sneak Peak

Today the sun finally popped out and I snapped photos all day to share in a Charmer Holiday Home Tour Collage. I’ve been a busy bee since the day after Thanksgiving decorating the Charmer in her holiday delight!  It seems like I wasn’t getting anywhere fast? I mean I’d work on it thinking each day that that would be the… Read More

Fall Dinner With Friends

Last Saturday night we had friends, Vince and Rosemarie,  over for a fall dinner with friends. After dinner we went to St. Albert’s to  see an Elvis impersonator, Rick Saucedo.  It was a good time, and I actually enjoyed the act before, The Legacy Andrew Sisters Girls.  They were really good…and if you closed your eyes you’d swear you were… Read More

Something New Is In My Corner

I love finding treasures at Goodwill!  I also love finding furniture at Goodwill. About a month ago I found two small/tall curio cabinets. I really liked how the top curved and also the drawer and bottom cabinet. Always looking for extra storage space. She was already painted white, a bad job I might add, except they didn’t paint the bottom… Read More

Autumn Buffet

Changing colored leaves Jack O’Lanterns glowing bright Starry Autumn night Sounds like the kind of fall we are having in IL. The weather this week has been, oh….so….beautiful.  I made new fall “rustic elegance” (according to a a blog follower), curtains for our living area. Once the curtains were finally done I was inspired to finish fallifying the Charmer. A… Read More

Monday Meanderings

I hope you enjoy Monday Meanderings with its laid back, casual and wandering topics. Last Friday was Mr. C’s and I anniversary, 16 years we’ve been together.  We had planned to go to dinner Friday night but, we were both so tired working on the garage sale, we just ordered in.  On Saturday we celebrated with friends and went out… Read More

Wine Crate Plate Holder

As many of you know Mr. C and I have been busy with our kitchen updo.  Today was a jammed pack day of activity. The Charmer lacks storage space…but then again most homes seem to lack in this area.  The last few months I’ve been buying a ton of dishes and wanted to display some in a few vignettes. I… Read More

Daffodil And Pansy Spring Vignette

It was beautiful the last two days here in IL. Even though today is colder I’m staying in those moments of Spring.  Both Sunday and Monday I was out in my garden! This was very special since I wasn’t able to work in my garden last year (sick)! Daffodils and pansies are Spring….last week I showed you my Vintage Tea… Read More

Valentine LOVE..

Hello everyone, I hope you all will share your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best Par.tay #58, Sunday February 2.  New time 9:00 a.m. Love to see what you’ve been up to! My New Year’s resolution is to live life more simply, with this in mind I’m  creating a Valentine Heart, Button and Rose Vignette. So far I’ve only been able… Read More

A Trip to the Dungeon Ends In a Corner Vignette!

As I headed down to the dungeon (basement) the last thing on my mind was pulling together a kitchen corner vignette. Old doors have been used in decorating lately but I hadn’t even thought of using one until I headed downstairs. I completely forgotten there was an old door until I stumbled upon it. It’s original to the house and… Read More