Canning/Preserving: Refrigerator Pickled Green Beans {easy}

Charmer bean collage

Smiles peeps,  Our Farmers Market goes till the end of October and I'm canning/preserving what's fresh till then. I'm winding down on the tomatoes since they haven't been looking too good. Today the beans looked great.. I bought about a half bushel and decided to make some Pickled Green Beans. Here's something else you'll know […]

Baby Red Potato Salad!

1929 charmer blog

Hello Everyone,   We've been experiencing the the warm days of summer - even if summer isn't officially here yet.... it will be 90° on Sunday in Illinois :((( In our household we love any kind of potato salad, but in periods of high heat we prefer salads that are light on the mayonnaise. Being […]