Valentine Napkin Ring

Napkin Ring

One of my greatest pleasures is spending lots of time in my cottage kitchen doing what I love, cooking. Being a garlic lover I use garlic in just about everything I cook and have broken apart many garlic bulbs.  Garlic is not only essential in my cooking, but, also as a decorative element in my […]

Happy Valentine’s!

Pink Rose

It's Valentine's Day. I'm looking forward to spending the day with Mr. Charmer and anticipating our Valentine's dinner. I am lucky to have Mr. Charmer in my life after a very long wait.  I'm so looking forward to sitting down across from him, sipping wine, eating, and quietly sharing together in this special day! I […]

Romantic Rose Tablescape For Two

Laura Ashley Heart and Rose

Hello everyone, I am so excited about Valentine's day this year, Mr. C. and I will be staying at home enjoying a romantic dinner in front of the fireplace.  Warm and intimate is what we want...that restaurants just don't provide.  I love to cook, so it's also my way of showing love for him by […]

Valentine LOVE..

Valentine Love

Hello everyone, I hope you all will share your creative inspiration with Sunday's Best Par.tay #58, Sunday February 2.  New time 9:00 a.m. Love to see what you've been up to! My New Year's resolution is to live life more simply, with this in mind I'm  creating a Valentine Heart, Button and Rose Vignette. So […]

Valentine Buffet Vignette…

Tea Cup Vignette

I know, it's the day before Valentines and I'm just getting my Valentine Buffet Vignette up!  Actually it's been done for a while, but I just wasn't happy with the right hand side. Over the mirror I hung a large vintage basket lid with a white boa wreath inside, simple and cute. On left side […]

Letter Holder Dish Rack

Letter Rack Plate Holder

For a long time I've looked for a chicken feeder rack to hold some of our dishes.  I've found longer ones or others that where too expensive.  Recently at Goodwill I spotted a metal letter holder that I thought would work great for a Letter Holder Dish Rack! It was only $1.99 and is perfect […]

Hearts, Love and Roses….

Drop cloth Heart

Hearts, love and roses mean Valentine!  There's definitely love at the Charmer and  I have dishes with roses on them to use in a vignette I am pulling together.    I decided to make a heart to include in the vignette. It is a very easy project (like those lately) and I pleased with how […]

Valentine Fabric Scrap Card…

Valentine Fabric Scrap Card

I've never dabbled in card making, or any kind of paper crafts before. I've been making some of Mr. Charmer's Valentine Gifts and decided it would be fun to make a Valentine Fabric Scrap Card for him. It was an easy card to make and it was a good project to use some of my […]

Valentine Vignette

Valentine Old Window Vignette

A few weeks ago our next door neighbor, Linda, had her basement windows replaced.  I just happened to be walking by with Bo when a man was bringing seven windows to the dump pile.  Are you throwing those windows away I asked? He looked up, and with a pretty polish accent said Yes!  Can I […]

Valentine Hearts…

Knitting yarn and needle

Valentine's is such an inspiring time, love, kisses, smiles, and knitting! I found a cute pattern for knitted hearts at Natural Suburbia and have been knitting my heart away! They are so cute and knit up in less than a 1/2 hour. Their also adorable hanging... Been enjoying knitting these cuties - my needles are […]