A Great Selection of Turkey Leftover Recipes

I love Thanksgiving, but sometimes I think I love the days after for all the great leftover recipes.  I’ve pulled together a great selection of Turkey leftover recipes for you and they are delicious! This morning I made Turkey Hash with Eggs for breakfast… Mr. C and I both love hash and what a great way to start the day…. Read More

Thanksgiving Tablescape

We were so thankful to have a beautiful Thanksgiving day! We hope you enjoyed yours too!  It’s been cold and we received a bit more snow today. I think it’s going to be a long hard winter :-{ I was lucky to find a few minutes to take a few photos before dinner was served. I rushed taking the photos… Read More

Secret’s From A Chef: Thanksgiving Recipes

Earlier this morning I provided many options for  Thanksgiving dinner… If you’ve missed any part of the series you can find this by clicking: Fundamentals, Turkey Talkin & Nuts, Menu and recipes for Pumpkin Bruschetta. This post provides all the recipes…and tomorrow the time line to prepare everything for a less stressful Thanksgiving. First let’s talk about To Brine or… Read More

Secrets From A Chef: Thanksgiving Menu

Silly me! One great thing about being retired is not being on anyone else schedule. One negative is I lose the sense of time…this whole week I thought Thanksgiving was in TWO weeks! Only today did I realize it’s next Thursday:-{ How about, if you notice I’m behind, send me an email to remind me! About The Bird (Fundamentals and… Read More

Happy Thanksgiving

 Thanksgiving Day brings to mind the blessings in our lives that usually go unnoticed: a home that surrounds us with comfort and protection; delicious food, for pleasure in both eating and sharing; clothes to snuggle up in, books and good entertainment to expand our minds; and freedom to worship our God. Most of all we are thankful for our family… Read More

Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape…

  Thanksgiving is in two days, and I am so far behind.  Our beloved Bo has been sick once again resulting in many trips to the vets, tears and the lingering questions parents face with our older pets. He’s laying at my feet as I write this post, and he is content for now. I had so many projects I… Read More