Windows Renovation and Undo – The Reveal


This has been a long arduous task... BUT - the results were so worth it. In the beginning - Part I - Dismantling and Part II - Reconditioning UG.LY trim (so sorry for quality) Then came sanding stripping, conditioning and staining. We hired a finishing carpenter to duplicate our homes original molding... So happy with […]

Windows Renovation and Updo – Part Two – Conditioning, Staining & Polyurethane


To see what I mean, check out Phase One! BUT THE WORSE PART IS FINALLY HALLEUIAH! The next step was to use a Pre-conditioner to the bare wood... Minwax Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner.  Our windows wood were beyond dry. So this stuff helps to condition the wood, and ensures an even stain. It was easy to […]

Windows Renovation and Updo – Part 1: Dismantling


Seriously, we've gonna talk windows here.. WHY? because our windows are really in BAD shape. We've talking 90 year old, leaky windows, that have zillions of coats of paint Well. ..that's not exactly true - MOST have paint - some spots NO paint at all. How bad can they be you say, really UGH.LY bad... […]