Early June Garden and Other Garden News

Hello dear friends! Up until today we did NOT have any rain…4 gorgeous sunny days! With the sun out, and my back’s intense pain subsided, I’ve been working non-stop in the garden.  At the end of each day, after a long hot shower, I found myself crawling in to bed with aching muscles I never knew I had. Upon waking… Read More

A Bit Of Spring In The Kitchen

I’ll be honest with you all I’ve struggle to bring myself in from my garden this past week :-}.  After a long hard winter my garden is where I want to be…but since it rained today I’m sitting out on the back porch typing up this post.   Yesterday, as the sun shinned,  I cut a few Virginia Bluebells from the… Read More

Overload And Signs Of Spring

Last week was a week that didn’t go well…I spilled a huge glass of ice tea on my laptop:-{.  It has gone to laptop heaven….and I went out looking for a computer on Friday.  When I left I thought I was going to buy another windows laptop.  Somehow I left with a new Mac Pro? I really like it, but… Read More

Our Late Spring Garden

It’s been so beautiful here…and spending every waking moment in our garden. I’ve been taking photos of the garden and since its been raining all day  it’s a good day to share them with you. 80% of my garden is partial shade, so I’ll start with the garden out in our front yard with our Late Spring Garden.  I am… Read More

A Spring Stroll Around My Garden!

Smiles,   I love this time of year in my garden!! Everything looking so new and pretty – even the weeds I haven’t  gotten too! A trellis right outside my front door – a home for a Clematis I purchased from Trader Joe’s. Love the color – one of my favorites. A Lamiun – which are great for containers, can… Read More

The Blooms of Wisteria…

Smiles, The Wisteria in my garden is in her glorious bloom… Forming a canopy over the trellis, A side look.. Jetting out over the yard.. Underneath the Wisteria, looking up… Another look up.. The  trunk of the Wisteria.. Hanging over the pond… Encroaching on Miss Bloodgood Japanese Maple.. glorious blooms… Par.taying with: Fishtail Cottage