Don’t you just love $1.00 Pattern Day and stockpiling!


Smiles, Hope everyone is having a great day! It's expected to be in the 80's today, yahoo!  I'm a big sewer, love it! The last few years my sewing has focused on home decor, but want to start sewing for myself again! My inspiration always comes from Jo-Ann's and Hancock Fabrics when they have their […]

Edge Leaf Pillow Tutorial


  Hi All, Yesterday I shared with you the tutorial for my  Flower Leaf Pillow! Gosh, why is it I don't notice "things" in a photo until AFTER it's been posted. I used this photo in yesterday's tutorial, I just uploaded it when I noticed the clothes hanging over the banister.  You see them in […]

A Pencil Pleat Textured Pillow


  During the decorating phase of our deck project I wanted to incorporate some textured pillows.  I'll be making them a on a budget.  One day when I was at Hancock Fabric I was wandering around in the drapery section, and found Drapery Pencil Pleat Tape. Bingo - this would provide me the look I […]

Sewing Tip – Relieve Neck Strain


  I love to sew!  Many years ago I attended Ray-Vogue (aka Illinois Institute of Art) School of Design. It was an exciting time for me and I learned so much. There is one tip that I've always used,  and if you use it your NECK will thank you!     Since our sewing machines […]