Pickles And Jam

Hello Charming friends! Most of us wouldn’t think about combining pickles and jam together…unless….someone is expecting!  Well, I’m well beyond that point, so no worries there.  You might wonder what pickles and jam have in common?  Canning!  It’s the time of year where fresh fruits and vegetables are abundant at our farmer’s markets to make our own food and preserve it, at… Read More

Roasted Cornish Game Hens

For Mother’s day I wanted a simple yet elegant meal but didn’t want to spend a lot of my time cooking.   One thing is for sure, I always want great tasting food!  There are many things about food/cooking that I am in love with, one of them is how special it can make us feel, besides being tasty!  Roasted… Read More

Cinco de Mayo Recipes

It’s been so beautiful here the last few days.. . wonderful weather and sunny skies!  So I’ve been out playing in the greenhouse and gardens.  The flowers in the greenhouse are growing by leaps and bounds! I’ll be posting soon, but today, I’m sharing two Cinco de Mayo recipes I’m making Tuesday for Cineo de Mayo – Mexican Meatloaf –… Read More

Caramelized Banana Upside Down Cake

My Mom was an excellent cook and even a better baker.  But I’ve never had a “sweet tooth!  I’m not a big chocolate eater either..but I do have a few favorites that I repeatedly make.  Caramelized Banana Upside Down Cake is one of them.  You know what else is great about this banana upside down cake?  It’s made in your… Read More

Secret’s From A Chef: Thanksgiving Recipes

Earlier this morning I provided many options for  Thanksgiving dinner… If you’ve missed any part of the series you can find this by clicking: Fundamentals, Turkey Talkin & Nuts, Menu and recipes for Pumpkin Bruschetta. This post provides all the recipes…and tomorrow the time line to prepare everything for a less stressful Thanksgiving. First let’s talk about To Brine or… Read More

Roasted Tomato and Pancetta Spaghetti

I hope you’ll stop by Sunday’s Best to share your creative inspiration with us. Tis the season for abundant, big and juicy tomatoes.  Having just bought 60 pounds of tomatoes at the farmers market last week I decided to try something different. I love anything roasted. . . .it is a great way to bring out the flavors of food. … Read More

Marinated Grilled Basil Flank Steak

Smiles Everyone! It’s hot, Hot, Hot here in Chicago land! It reached 100° today – so I wanted a quick and easy recipe for dinner. I’ve got tons of Basil out in my herb garden and a flank steak! With the staples on hand I came up with this recipe. Marinated Grilled Basil Flank Steak What you’ll  need: 1 1/2… Read More

Cuban Spiced Pork Tenderloin and Soffrito Rice

Smiles, I’ve really been into making Latin food and enjoying all the scrumptious flavors that it offers. I just can’t seem to get enough and Hubs loves pork anyway I fix it. Pork tenderloin is as versatile as chicken, and lean! Here’s a great recipe which has become one of my favorites. I need to work on my food photography… Read More