Tutorial: Pinch Pleated Cafe Curtains…

1929 charmer

Smiles, My curtains are done, and I'm so very happy how they turned out.  I'm sharing a detailed tutorial: Pinch Pleated Cafe Curtains. For the last two weeks I've been busy making the curtains  -  they were not hard to make; the calculations almost did me in! But, I'm Still Standing...Yeah..Yeah... After looking at numerous […]

Main Living Area: Pinch Pleated Cafe Curtains…..

1929 charmer

Smiles, Oi Vey, I've been working on these curtains for what seems like for.eve.er. Actually just over two weeks.. Of hair pulling, mind bending, calculus challenging hurdles. The curtains themselves were not hard to do but the calculations caused me to pull at my hair, kick pillows, act like a crazy women, say bad words, […]

Cafe Curtains – Not Your Grandma Curtains… and behind the scenes!


Smiles, Last week I showed you some inspiration for my curtains, Cafe curtains, I stumbled across this photo from Traditional Home, and realized today's Cafe curtains... are NOT what hung at Grandma's House! Isn't orange in right now? The curtains are for our main living area - and the "casual/formal" look is what I'm after! […]

Main Living Area Redo: Curtain Inspiration…


Smiles,   I've been looking for some curtain inspiration for our living area updo. I wanted something with a cottagey feel.. and not to formal, or to casual. I found the inspiration I was looking for from some of these photos... Southern Living Retro Renovation Cote de Texas The Cottage Nest Retro Renovation Country Curtains […]