Stairway to Color!


Smiles peeps, We've been working on up-doing our stairway to cottagey goodness! I wanted to share with you a sneak peak! I've been busy adding color, pattern and a little charm to our staircase! We started with the old Merlot color, and painted her with a neutral color.......  I like that it's neutral - and […]

Our Main Living Area Redo – In Stages!

1929 Charner

Smiles, We've been in the process of up-doing our main living area. Since I've retired I don't push myself like I use to.. I'm enjoying a more laid back lifestyle, taking my time and enjoying the process. The foyer is done, and you can see it here. There's been a whole lot of patching and […]

Living Area Redo: The Foyer


Smiles, We've been doing a Redo, Updo on our main living area! It's been nearly 15 years - Wow, so time for a change. I started in our foyer. This is the first time I've treated the foyer as a separate area. In the past always painted it the same color as main area. It's […]

The Weather Outside Is Delightful!


Smiles, Yes, the weather outside is delightful, not cold and dreary - but sunny, bright and in the 70's. It's spring-ish! The weather has recharged my  energy level too! I've been one busy little girl. Started cleaning up some of  my gardens beds am so exciting to see new  green buds popping up Service Berry […]