Summer Mantel

vintage books and yellow vase

Hello Charming friends!  The re-staining of the house as been a long, hard, and body draining project! The good news, we are 99.5% done!  Gosh, it will be such a relief to finally start enjoying summer!  Last Thursday it rained all day and provided me the break for some play time! Play time is cooking, […]

A Charming Christmas Dining Room

vintage tool box, red transferware

Merry Christmas! Welcome to A Charming Christmas Dining Room. The theme for my Christmas decor sprung from the knitted stars I've been making, and of course a red and white color theme. Usually I do individual post, the mantel, buffet etc, but with Christmas so close they are being shared as rooms. The one thing […]

Our Fall Mantel

Our Fall Mantel

I feel I need to warn you guys...why?  Cause there's a whole lot of  fallishness coming your way the next week.  The photos are taken and posts have been written to share how cute the Charmer looks dressed up in fall. I always like to do my mantel first...well that's not exactly true...I have to […]

Cottage Summer Mantel & Hard To Focus

A Cottage Summer Mantel

I walked in to HL last week to see Fall decorations everywhere!  It immediately struck me I haven't shared our... Cottage Summer Mantel with you! But before I do, I want to explain why my photos may not always be in "focus".  Last December I suffered a hemorrhage in my right eye.  I knew something […]

Vintage Easter Card Mantel

Vintage Bunny Luggage

Are you like me?  I always seem behind, you know with the season.  I've seen Easter projects and vignettes for months across blogland....but I just finished our Easter Vintage Card Mantel last night. Am I the only one running late?  We do have good reasons this time, Mr. Charmer pulled his back the end of […]

Daffodil And Pansy Spring Vignette

Daffodi and Pansy Vignette

It was beautiful the last two days here in IL. Even though today is colder I'm staying in those moments of Spring.  Both Sunday and Monday I was out in my garden! This was very special since I wasn't able to work in my garden last year (sick)! Daffodils and pansies are Spring....last week I […]

Vintage Tea Towel Banner Spring Mantel

Watercolor Pansiy Picture

Pansies come to mind when I think of Spring because they are a great cold hardy flower for IL.  It's typically one of the first flowers planted in our flower box outside the front door.   The last few years while thrifting I've kept an eye out for some pansy dishes.  I've only been able to […]

Cottage Lace Mantel Skirt

Cottage Lace Mantel Skirt

Hello Everyone, The other day I shared with you my Valentine Love banner and started pulling together our Valentine Vignette early today, when I just stopped.  I knew what was holding me back, but didn't know what to do about it .  Until I decided to make a Cottage Lace Mantel Skirt... It's the mantel....I've […]

A Very Simple Winter Mantel

Winter Mantel

Hello everyone! I pulled together a very simple winter mantel... the centerpiece of the mantel is a a winter scene oil painting by my Uncle Earl.  Uncle Earl was my Mom's sister Rita's husband.  He painted it in 1978. Uncle Earl never painted before he retired and he started taking a class at a local […]

Autumn Mantel


Like most of you I love Autumn, it bring spectacular weather, gorgeous color.  It's the beginning of "nesting" seasons which I love.  I was happy to be decorating our Autumn Mantel. Nothing is new on this mantel, used in other years but in new vignettes. Burlap ribbon was tucked in and a few smaller dried […]