Christmas Living Area

vintage soup tureen, red tea cups

Hello Everyone, I'm excited to be able to share with you more of our Christmas Home Tour! A few days ago was A Charming Christmas Dining Room and today is our Christmas Living Area.  It's hard taking photos in the Charmer because she is a long house (front to back) and not very wide. I […]

It’s Finally Gone!

1929 charmer

Smiles peeps, It's finally gone - the last of the old Merlot color walls! All the walls in our living area have been painted but one, You can see the last bit of wall that hasn't been painted, see all the paint samples on the wall? I just couldn't make up my mind - I […]

Another Corner Vignette!

1929 Charmer

Smiles Peeps, I've shared several vignettes from our living area, here, here and here. Today I finished the last one in our dining area, here's what I started with.. A small area to the right of the fireplace, the dresser was a curb side find and the first piece hubs and I ever did! Started […]

Main Living Area: Pinch Pleated Cafe Curtains…..

1929 charmer

Smiles, Oi Vey, I've been working on these curtains for what seems like Actually just over two weeks.. Of hair pulling, mind bending, calculus challenging hurdles. The curtains themselves were not hard to do but the calculations caused me to pull at my hair, kick pillows, act like a crazy women, say bad words, […]

Our Main Living Area Redo – In Stages!

1929 Charner

Smiles, We've been in the process of up-doing our main living area. Since I've retired I don't push myself like I use to.. I'm enjoying a more laid back lifestyle, taking my time and enjoying the process. The foyer is done, and you can see it here. There's been a whole lot of patching and […]

One way or another… Or listen closely!

1929 Cjharmer

Smiles, Our living area redo has been in progress for a while.. I was feeling confident - OK I'll admit it - I've been feeling pretty anxious about.. the direction I was going in.. Here was my inspiration board.. Once we completed the foyer... and started painting the main living area... It became clear I […]

It’s So Time: Main Living Area Redo Updo…


Smiles, such a long time coming 14 years to be exact that's how long the color in our main living area has not changed don't know why, change.a.phobia? but, I've taken the plunge there's no turning back here's my color inspiration main area paint color- Valspar Jekyll Crane Cottage Green Curtain fabric - Ralph Lauren […]