The Bunny Family

Mr. C is out golfing today with his boys (friends) and I have the whole day alone!!!! Being retired is great, but sometimes it’s just too much time together:-{. I love spending time alone, who better than with ourselves.  It might be because having been one of ten children there never was alone time either, never a separate bedroom, in… Read More

What My Mystery Knit Turned Out to Be

The weather has been a cold topic through the Midwest and will continue this week. I’ve been staying in and working on organizing the Charmer and knitting.  Oh how I enjoy knitting!  Whenever I knit my Mama’s spirit comes to me, a strong magnetic pull, like she’s sitting next to me again when

All About Knitting Stars

Once fall sets in, my needles come out, I start knitting. I think it’s part of the nesting syndrome that happens with the weather turning colder. I’ve knitted since eight years old. My Mama taught me and we shared some great times together knitting and laughing. I have several knitting projects going on, one is a large sweater project and… Read More

Autumn Leaves…

AUTUMN LEAVES… I’ve been busy knitted away some Autumn Leaves. I have always loved doing any kind of needlework.  Some of my fondest memories with my Mom (Wanda)were spent doing needlework.  Mom taught me how to sew, knit, crochet, cross-stitch and crewel. My Mom won awards for the silk hats that she make, she was very creative! I’m using the… Read More

Valentine Hearts…

Valentine’s is such an inspiring time, love, kisses, smiles, and knitting! I found a cute pattern for knitted hearts at Natural Suburbia and have been knitting my heart away! They are so cute and knit up in less than a 1/2 hour. Their also adorable hanging… Been enjoying knitting these cuties – my needles are calling me! Do you knit,… Read More

Valentine Mug Hug

Mr. Charmer and I usually exchange smaller gifts for Valentine’s Day.  I used to do a lot of needlework – knitting, cross stitch and crewel -but haven’t in  a while. Giving/receiving a hand made gift is so special I decided to pulled out my knitting needles to make a few Valentine gifts for him. Mr. Charmer is a huge coffee… Read More