Late October Gardens

Your spend the whole day their waiting...waiting to see if your called...waitin just a waitin.

Do you know where I am today?  Guess, go ahead and guess? Sitting at Cook Country Circuit Court on jury duty!  You spend the whole day waitin...waitin to see if your called...waitin just a waitin if you'll be assigned to a case. Early afternoon I was called to "interview" for jury selection.    Happily I was […]

Our Cottage Front Garden….


Smiles Everyone, I heart my garden. Gardening surrounds my soul with serenity. Thirteen years ago Mr. Charmer and I married.  We I decided to have a garden wedding.  We did NOT have a garden!  So off I went, planning, digging, planting and tending to what would soon turn in to a great passion of mine. […]

Garden Thyme: Not My Miss Bloodgood!


Things have been pretty crazy around here and I haven't been able to focus on my beloved garden until this week.  As I was walking the grounds yard something just seemed off?  As I scanned the garden at ground level everything seemed OK (Oh boy, need to start weeding right now!). What is it? What's […]

Vertical Gardening!

Akebia Vine

In a small garden one must always think in terms of "vertical gardening".  Going vertical can bring dept, height and interest.  I have many different kinds of vines  in my garden, and one of my variate is Fiveleaf Akebia. Akebia, also known as chocolate vine, is either grown as a vine or as a ground-cover.  […]