Late October Gardens

Do you know where I am today?  Guess, go ahead and guess? Sitting at Cook Country Circuit Court on jury duty!  You spend the whole day waitin…waitin to see if your called…waitin just a waitin if you’ll be assigned to a case. Early afternoon I was called to “interview” for jury selection.    Happily I was not chosen and sent home… Read More

Front Porch Fall Flower Containers

I’m sure by now everyone has had their fall containers done for a few weeks.  Like I said, I’m always late.  But you know what’s funny…I am never late for appointments, or meeting someone one.  But I always seem to be behind when it comes to blogging :-{. Today I headed over to Lowes to check out what fall flowers… Read More

Fall Decorating: Our Buffet

Smile peeps, Even though our window renovation is not done, I’m decorating our buffet up for Fall.  Now the hubs isn’t too happy with me since I am invading his “working” space.  My response – work faster! I  have found using thrift store oil paintings is a great way to add gorgeous Fall color. There’s a couple of things I’ll… Read More

A Hydrangea Picker or Thief!

Smiles peeps, I was away for the weekend and had a fabulous time. I’ll be posting soon on my trip and the treasures I found! If you’ve been following me you know that my garden has been hit hard by the drought! My hydrangeas just didn’t produce the blooms they typically do. I was driving by one my grocery stores….. Read More

My Garden’s Last Remains

It has been such a beautiful fall in Illinois and my garden has held on longer than usual. Took these pictures before it turned cold yesterday.  Hydrangea Leaves Mallow Martha Washington Pink Mum Japanese Maple Crab Apple Tree Leaves Anemome Ornamental Grass Plumes White Verbana Flower Colocasia Leaves Porcelain Berry Fall Berries Nicotiana (tobacco plant) Barbacoa Flowers Service Berry Shrub… Read More

Signs of Fall!

Woke early this morning, it wasn’t raining, strolled my garden… Anemones Berries on a Porcelain Berry Vine Northern Sea Oats Plumes Sedum Chelome Chocolate Joe Pye Weed Hydrangea A weed My Mums aren’t in bloom yet, soon.   The Beauty of Fall!!! Linking to these par.tays… A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday