Harriet Hoosier On Our Deck

Hoosier Cabinet

Before our kitchen was remodeled Harriet Hoosier was a vital piece. She provided a great deal of storage in our dysfunctional layout. To be honest it always pains me to share this photo...cause it's really u.g.l.y! Prepare yourself for ugliness... OK, take a few minutes to compose yourselves...I know it was quite a shock!  If […]

Fall Fabric Wreath

Fall Fabric Wreath

Even though I haven't started any fall decorating I've been working on some fall projects.  I wanted to create a fall wreath that has a "vintage" natural feel. It turned out to be a very quick project and completed in under 45 minutes.... but the time to pull/set up your sewing machine isn't included.  Only […]

It’s Still Fall For Me!!!!

Fall Vignette

Yes...in my mind...it's still fall.  It's already December 3 and that means our Christmas season is near. Surgery left some complications that seem to keep me taking two steps back and only one small step forward. PLUS it's been two months since I've been able to post or comment at so many of my blog […]

Autumn Leaves…

Knitted Autumn Leaves

AUTUMN LEAVES... I've been busy knitted away some Autumn Leaves. I have always loved doing any kind of needlework.  Some of my fondest memories with my Mom (Wanda)were spent doing needlework.  Mom taught me how to sew, knit, crochet, cross-stitch and crewel. My Mom won awards for the silk hats that she make, she was […]

Fall Burlap Lampshade and Corner Vignette

Fall Lampshade and Vignette

Morning, Yesterday I woke up with such a bad head cold...and I'm pretty happy I had this post all ready to go. Gosh, maybe I can plan ahead!!! This is a corner in our dining room and the lampshade got a new fall look. This is her summer look, to see the tutorial for the […]

Autumn Mantel

Autumn Hydrangea Mantel

Morning, Weathers perfect, and I am enjoying working on our fall decorating. A few days ago I shared the  Hydrangea Autumn wreath I made  and today I finished the mantel. I wanted our mantel simpler, less dense.... than our buffet since they are right across from each other. Just a little simple. This side is […]

Autumn Porch


Morning, Have you ever experienced this? My goal yesterday was to finish decorating the Mantel, and I did start on it.  But then I found myself going from the mantel to the dining room table to the porch. Once I realized I had three unfinished projects - -I concentrated on the one closest to being […]

Keep Those Nasty Squirrels From Eating Your Outdoor Pumpkins!

squirrels eating pumpkins

Smiles peeps, Every year I get excited when fall comes and begin decorating our front porch. I love porch vignettes filled with pumpkins, gourds and Indian corn. Then it happens, you know, you start seeing those nibbles on your pumpkins! Do you recognize this bite?  Our neighborhood has a high population... and our garden laden […]

Fall Decorating: Using Thrift Store Oil Paintings

Charmer 0050a

Smiles peeps, My hubs is a big oil painting fan, me not so much.  To be honest the ones he has are hanging down in the basement! I know I'm a bad wife!!! With Fall upon us I've been thrifting and looking for items to use in my Fall decor, when I started noticing some […]

A Fall Vignette


Smiles peeps, I am so glad cooler weather is here... just put together my first Fall vignette! I decided to Fall up the living room area, This is how it looked before. Sorry about picture quality, my lens was on manual focus and I didn't' know it. Started off by hanging the curtain rod (GW) […]