The Deck Reveal!

The Deck Reveal

Well it's been a loooooooooong time coming! The deck reveal is finally being shared! It started when we decided to cover the patio--we had a Pergola built in 1999-- and enjoyed it so much, here.  But with Illinois weather, ever changing, we wanted to be able to sit outdoors rain or shine!  Our deck is […]

Dinner With Friends On The Deck

Vintage Dish Place Setting

Our Labor day weekend was pretty laid back due to the hot humid weather. I also wanted to get some quilting done so it worked out perfectly to stay inside. Saturday night we had dinner with friends on the deck. It was great being with them but in the back of my mind I kept […]

Our Deck Remodel

eck with Barn metal roofing

I hope all of you had a really nice Labor day weekend.  We laid low pretty much but did have some friends over for dinner Saturday night. I didn't go out much because it's been so humid and heavy outside. I don't do completely depletes me of all energy! The Charmer's deck was added […]

The Fish That Didn’t Get Away


We've been working on our deck remodel in between working on our Kitchen Updo.  I think Mr. Charmer and I will need updo's when we finish them!  I've learned that I'm feeling my 60+ years! This is a silly short story...I was down in the dungeon looking for something when I stumbled across an old […]

The Deck Reveal!!!!!

1929 Charmer Deck

  The only easy part of our deck project was creating a Project  List. We were so excited as we moved in to Phrase One. We did a happy dance when we found the  Six Soldiers Standing in a row. Our feet stumbled when we encountered medical delays. At times, we often felt the […]

6 Little Soldiers Standing In A Row….


Six little soldiers, Standing in a row. Three stood straight, And three stood so. Along came the captain And what do you think. They all stood straight, As quick as a wink? The Captain pulled a no-show so their leaning just a tad! The "shutter" soldiers were a find from CL, 20 buckaroo's for all […]

Thrifting Treasures

I adore thrifting! I look for treasures at garage sales, thrift, resale, rummage and antiques stores.  I am not ashamed to admit I drive down alleys and streets  before garbage day looking for a freebie.   I am excited to share with you some of my treasures from last week... Garage sale find,  $7.00.  Great metal […]

Deck Rejuevenation – Phase 1


This is the year we finally put our DECK #1 on our "Summer" Project list.   Our first step was to create a Project List to keep us on track. What, did I hear you say? What progress have we made so far?  So glad you asked! Removed every last piece of junk/furniture from deck Sweep […]

Our Deck Rejuevenation – Project List


  We have really let our deck go to HELL over the years.  Don't really know why?  It just never seem to make the top 100 project's list?  Looking at how UGLY it looks - we really should have!  Maybe it's because with our older 1929 home there always seemed to be another project that […]