Canning/Preserving: Fiesta Corn Relish


Smiles Peeps, This week has all been about canning corn, and more tomatoes! A few days ago I shared with how you can FREEZE fresh corn on the cob. Yesterday I made Fiesta Corn Relish, just have to use the fresh bounty of corn out there now. Corn Relish is great served with cold meats […]

Canning/Preserving: How to Freeze Whole Corn!


Smiles Peeps, Tis the season for canning and preserving summers best... I've been busy canning tomatoes, sauces, salsas, pickles and more. I also wanted to take advantage of all the great fresh corn at the Farmers Market. I bought tons of fresh corn. It is so easy to freeze corn. 1) First husk corn and […]