Pickles And Jam

Hello Charming friends! Most of us wouldn’t think about combining pickles and jam together…unless….someone is expecting!  Well, I’m well beyond that point, so no worries there.  You might wonder what pickles and jam have in common?  Canning!  It’s the time of year where fresh fruits and vegetables are abundant at our farmer’s markets to make our own food and preserve it, at… Read More

Monday Meanderings

Last’s week weather was on the chillier side, and a lot of rain, with days of  no sun.  On Saturday we turned on the furnace to take the chill off.  Yesterday and today the sun been out with Fall’s beauty shinning through. Isn’t it amazing how much better/happier you feel when the sun is out? Our farmers market closes in… Read More

Three Basic Steps to Canning Tomatoes

It’s that time of year again, where produce is abundantly available, and thoughts go to canning and preserving. So I’ve re-shared my post Three Basic Steps to Canning Tomatoes. You might be interested in these too, Homemade Blender Ketchup, Fiesta Corn Relish, Refrigerator Pickled Green Bean, Freezing Whole Corn and Easiest Refrigerator Pickles One summer many years ago (1979)…my garden produced a… Read More

Homemade Chicago Style Giardiniera

As a child I was born and lived on the far south side of a Chicago neighborhood, West Pullman, IL. It was a new neighborhood and my father built our home.  I attended school/church in the Pullman historic area.  My family is in the masonry business and my paternal grandfather built the church and my father built the school, Dutch… Read More

The Easiest Refrigerator Pickles – {pickles}

  Smiles my friends, This week’s projects and posts are quick and easy… I wandered over to the local farmers market, a whopping 5 blocks away! Picked up some clearance Hens and Chicks and created my Fairy Garden! Also picked up veggies, fruit and cucumbers for pickles. I love canning/preserving, though I’ve never attempted pickles before.  Why bother when you… Read More

Strawberry Fields Forever!

  Last week I was at  Aldi grocery store and headed over to the veggie/fruits section.  Carts and carts of strawberries were being wheeled out.  They were the best looking strawberries ever!    As I looked over them my mind immediately flashed back to the Beatles song Strawberry Fields Forever….     It couldn’t be better timing since I am… Read More