Spring Buffet Vignette

pair of white ducks

One area I always enjoy decorating is our buffet.  Perhaps you might not know, but, this is the fourth buffet we've had!  If you like to see two before (don't have photos for first one) click here and here.  I've had my Spring Buffet Vignette done for a while and just now getting to sharing […]

A Charming Christmas Dining Room

vintage tool box, red transferware

Merry Christmas! Welcome to A Charming Christmas Dining Room. The theme for my Christmas decor sprung from the knitted stars I've been making, and of course a red and white color theme. Usually I do individual post, the mantel, buffet etc, but with Christmas so close they are being shared as rooms. The one thing […]

Autumn Buffet

blue onion soup tureen, fall leaves

Changing colored leaves Jack O'Lanterns glowing bright Starry Autumn night Sounds like the kind of fall we are having in IL. The weather this week has been, oh....so....beautiful.  I made new fall "rustic elegance" (according to a a blog follower), curtains for our living area. Once the curtains were finally done I was inspired to […]

Cottage Summer Buffet

Lefton Rose Lantern

Instead of a warm breezy summer day we having weather rather Fall like! So I'm in a rush to get all our summer projects posted since walking in HL nothing but FALL items. I hope all of you are enjoying your summer....and let's now rush out of summer in to fall! Our Cottage Summer Buffet […]

I don’t care, if you want it, get it!

Ironstone Soup Tureen

It's 3:45 p.m, Mr. Charmer is saying "I don't care, if you want it, get it!  This is Mr. C's way of not making a decision.  He wants me to  make the decision!  Mr. C uses this tactic in case it doesn't work out...then it's not his fault. Does you husband do this too? Like […]

Summer Buffet Vignette…

buffet right side

Good Morning.... I've been working on my Summer Buffet Vignette for a while and finished today.  As they say,  better late than never. I highlighted most of the pieces I used below on the vignette. I transitioned the vignette from Spring but forgot to take pictures...everything was from our stash down in the dungeon (basement). […]

Fall Decorating: Our Buffet


Smile peeps, Even though our window renovation is not done, I'm decorating our buffet up for Fall.  Now the hubs isn't too happy with me since I am invading his "working" space.  My response - work faster! I  have found using thrift store oil paintings is a great way to add gorgeous Fall color. There's […]

Another Two Toned Buffet!

1929 charmer

Smiles Everyone, About two weeks ago I shared our new Two Toned Buffet,  I also mentioned that there was another buffet sitting in the garage! I just love buffets, and when I spot a cutey I just can't help myself. But my home isn't big enough to hold two, so there was only one thing […]

Hello Cutie – A Two Toned Looker!

1929 Charmer

Smiles Everyone, Been a busy bee transforming the Charmer in to a cottage dream... Actually I move more like a tortoise -  since retiring lost my drive. Slow and easy is more like it! This is our current buffet! Our last two buffets went bye bye - sold at my booth! The last one, so […]

Where’s The Legs!


Last November I scored a beautiful buffet at a local Salvation Army. Paid $100.00 for a vintage 1930's solid wood buffet with gorgeous detail.   Even though she was nestled in a crowded room full of furniture I liked the "feel" of her and LOVED her legs (I'm a leg girl). We brought her home […]