Thoughtful Neighbors and Adjusting….

It’s been a week of transitioning…to the loss and silence felt throughout our home with Bo’s passing. We are all adjusting to this loss, each in our own way. But our sweet Sugar is having a very hard time, Sugar and Bo were inseparable. She slept with him, would only drink from his water bowl, cleaned him and would rarely… Read More

In Memory: Laid Back Bo!

We knew it was coming, it was relentless, no matter how hard we fought it back, it would not give up its hold! Our beloved Laid Back Bo left us yesterday, this is my most favorite picture of Bo, we tried out a new hair do, and it suited him so well. Bo was a gentle, kind spirited dog, who… Read More

Bo – The Dog With Nine Lives?

  Smiles to you friends, Our dog Bo, is old, and really hasn’t been healthy with many peaks and valleys over the last year, we thought we were at the the point of making the dreaded decision – Is it time! Since hubs and I practice Homeopathy we took Bo to a very well respected Homeopathic Vet. Our initial visit… Read More

The Dreaded Question – How Will We Know It’s Time?

Smiles to you my friends, Our beloved dog, Bo, has been struggling with numerous medical problems over the last year. Bo has survived even when we didn’t think he could.  We thought, as least for now, that he was doing better. That we didn’t need to face the inevitable “question”. But as the a last few months passed, we’ve hidden… Read More

Laid Back Bo – Update!

Smiles, Bo has become sick once again, here! In the last few days we’ve gone through lab test, x-rays, ultrasounds, MRI and a spinal fluid analysis. Poor Bo is tuckered and so are we. Bo spent the night at the hospital preparing for the brain MRI and the spinal tap. Good news – a stroke and tumor were ruled out!… Read More

Laid Back Bo – Fighting for his life once again..

Smiles,   I just drove home from the long drive from the University of Illinois Veterinary Animal Hospital, heartbreaking for me to  leave our Bo once again. We almost lost Bo back in August, here, here, here from complications of a constricted spleen. and for several months Bo was making a really good recovery. but in the last few months… Read More

The Comeback DOG!!!

  Last Wednesday night I thought I was facing the decision of whether or not to have Bo put down. He’s been very sick here and here.  After crying all night I decided to leave it in God’s hands. On Thursday morning Bo’s doctor, Dr. Herring told us they had put Bo on a new liver drug (late Wednesday) and… Read More

Medical Update on Bo

Hi all, Wanted to give everyone an update on our beloved Bo. He’s not doing well.  He had his spleen removed on  Saturday, and he is struggling! When we got Bo home late Sunday he was completely weak, unable to hold his head up, and didn’t move a muscle except a SLIGHT tail wag when we checked on him (very… Read More


  Late last night our beloved “Laid Back Bo” became very sick.     Walking became difficult and he was disoriented.  In the early morning he no longer was able to stand on his own, or with help, had no strength and was unresponsive.  As we carried Bo to our SUV I couldn’t help but worry if this might be… Read More