Pumpkin Bruschetta

In my professional chef’s business I was known as the “Queen of Appetizers”!  I happily accepted the title because I love making appetizers.   I love all the different yummy bites one can come up with. Since it’s still pumpkin season I wanted to make an appetizer using it….how about Pumpkin Bruschetta! I worried about how the combination of pumpkin and… Read More

Elegant and Simple Appetizer

Our Christmas dinner wouldn’t be complete without an appetizer.  A very elegant and simple appetizer I’ve use often, Red Potato and Shrimp Appetizer.. Red Potato and Shrimp Appetizer is inexpensive and has great presentation. Would you like to know how to make it? Marinate Shrimp Boil the red potatoes Slice in half Cut a thin slice off each potato bottom… Read More