1. Such a soft and pretty vignette! The baby shoes are so precious! It’s wonderful that the proceeds from the thrift store are going to such a worthy cause. xo Karen

  2. There’s always so much pretty in your home. I love the dried roses. I am starting at a bunch right now thinking maybe I should do that…hmmm. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Hi Cathy, You sure found some lovely treasures while at the thrift store. What a great program you are volunteering for. I love the dried roses and I need to gather some of mine that have dried on the vine. The sweet baby shoes and light pink hands are beautiful. Perfectly displayed in your gorgeous home. Thanks for sharing. You always inspire!!!!
    Have a great rest of the week. xo

  4. I love your vignettes, the old fashioned pink dishes and dried roses remind me of my Grandma, beautiful:). I just came back from visiting my mom and she gave me a little sketch, drawing of pink flowers from my great aunt Cecilia, her mom’s sister. It will be in my curio cabinet amongst my treasures from my family. By the way, my mom loves your blog and my sister too. They appricate your love of garden, dishes and everything material.
    Kathleen in Az

  5. Cathy, I LOVE pink! It gives me such a sense of well-being. I just feel GOOD around pink. I do like other colors too, like teal and mint green, but pink is MY color… always has been. Love the soft pink hands so much.. just welcoming you into their pinkness! Years ago, in the 70’s and 80’s, I was drawn towards rustic country,,, with the woods, blues and reds and wrought iron, etc. Now I’m all about the shabby, lace, pink, soft, pink and green things. I bet it’s a blast working at the thrift store and what a good cause they are giving to. Weeds aren’t too bad here as it’s so dry.. but my problem is bugs and earwigs eating my plants down to the nub. I think I’d rather have to contend with weeds! At least I’d still have my flowers. Take care… Marilyn

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