Spiced Apple Cake with Maple Glaze

Spiced Apple Cake with Maple Glaze


I’ve never really had a sweet tooth…I’m a salt.a.holic!
But there is one candy bar I cannot refuse – Snickers.  Every Halloween I ask Mr. Charmer not to buy Snickers, and every year he does.

He always hides them in the buffet and is surprised when I find them??? In 4 days I ate the whole bag of miniature Snickers!!!!

After my Snickers over load I was craving a comforting sweet cake…. one to have in the morning with a nice cup of hot tea and Spiced Apple Cake with Maple Glaze hit the spot!

What a great way to start the morning off…while watching all the morning bird activity through the window.


 Savvy Southern Style


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    Oh, Cathy, thank you so much for your kind comment on my voting blog post! You know what? It’s not too late to add anything you want to your sidebar! haha Grab anything you’d like from my blog!

    You’re right – we DO have a lot in common! First of all, I WISH I lived in a 1929 charmer like yours rather than a split level, but we DO have two kitties and one dog, just like you! I’ll be adding your blog to my sidebar and will be back to visit.

    Happy voting!! And thank you again for leaving such a nice comment for me :)


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    I literally just ate a Snickers from the kids’ Halloween basket. Would you agree that it doesn’t have as many nuts in it as it used to? It was delish, don’t get me wrong… but where were the peanuts?? :) This apple cake looks phenomenal!! Would you please come link it up to Foodtastic Friday??

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