Slow Cooker Warm Cranberry Zinfandel

Slow Cooker Warm Cranberry Zinfandel

After a week of being sick together Mr. Charmer and I managed to be up quite a bit today. Our low energy levels didn’t keep us from getting some holiday activity done.

My energy level wasn’t up to tackling grocery shopping and will be heading out early tomorrow.  I’m not even sure what’s left in the stores the day before…don’t usually shop this late? But the worse case scenario is we have a nice 7 pound roaster in the freezer.

Our holiday table is set, a very simple one, and should post tomorrow (sun needed for pictures).  Today I’m sharing a Slow Cooker Warm Cranberry Zinfandel drink I serve at the holidays.

It’s hand’s off easy, and using the slow cooker, guests stay in the main entertaining area rather than camping in the kitchen for their cup of hot spiced wine.  I guess if you have a large kitchen this might not be a problem, but not the case here at the Charmer.

What’s also fun is you never know how the drink will taste each time you have a glass. As the day progresses, servings dwindle, new wines added, it’s fun to see what the new flavors may be swirling inside your mouth.  I like that – the unexpected!

Warm Cranberry Zinfandel Wine

To make Warm Cranberry Zinfandel you’ll simply..

Combine the wine, water, cranberry juice, and sugar in the slow cooker.  Place the cardamon pods and cinnamon sticks in a small piece of cheesecloth and tie with kitchen twine (making a bag). Add to the cooker, along with the orange strips.  Cover and cook on LOW until the wine is hot, 2-6 hours.  Remove spice bag and serve.

Remember, that hot wine is a dash more potent than when it is served at room temperature.


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