Four Churchill Blue Willow Tea Mug Cup Made In England


Four Churchill Blue Willow Tea Mug Cup

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A beautiful set of four Churchill Blue Willow China Mugs made in England.  They look as though they have never been used!  No chips or cracks or any stain marks.

Features: Nice tall and narrow coffee or tea mug in blue and white oz; measures approx 4.125″ tall x 3″ diameter at the rim
Brand: Churchill England; Pattern: Willow; Material: China

Do you know the story of Blue Willow, it’s a beautiful love story that goes…once in ancient China, there lived a rich mandarin, whose beautiful daughter was betrothed to a wealthy old merchant Her affections, however, lay elsewhere – on her father’s poor but handsome secretary. When their secret meetings were discovered the girl was imprisoned in her father’s pagoda From there, she concealed messages in coconut shells and floated them downstream to her lover The mandarin, sensing something was going on, hastened the wedding arrangements but the secretary and daughter promptly eloped. In a small boat, right in the middle of the sea, the mandarin caught them

One of the most popular pieces in the Blue Willow collection, this Churchill Blue Willow Mug makes coffee, tea or any warm drink more enjoyable Dinnerware use & care info: Use caution in the microwave. Maximum heat setting in microwave no higher than medium. Do not try to cook in this dinnerware, only warm. Dish can become very hot in a short period of time (one minute or less). To prevent chipping in the dishwasher allow enough separation in dishwasher so each piece does not come in contact with other pieces.


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