Quick Guide To Healthier Eating

Hello everyone,

Mr. Charmer and I have been incorporating healthier eating habits into our diets for several years now.  As we started to add organic food products into our diets it became clear we could NOT afford to get all organic.

I know, soon as someone says organic "price" comes to mind. But organic is becoming more easily available. Aldi's carries organic springs greens, apples, cherry tomatoes and bananas and they also carry Stevia.

Organic Vegetables

So I started searching what organic food versus conventional foods to eat. Below is a chart you can print out and keep in your wallet as a guide.


Buying Guide
Priority OrganicConventional
 Apples Asparagus
 Bell Peppers Avocado
Celery Cabbage
Cherry Tomatoes Cantulope
Cucumbers Sweet Corn
Leafy GreensGrapefruit
Hot PeppersKiwi
Kale & Collard GreensMangoes
StrawberriesSweet Peas
Summer SquashSweet Potatoes

GMO (genetically modified foods Zucchini, some varieties of sweet corn. Field corn used to make tortillas, chips, and corn syrup are usually GMO.  Buying organic does not certified non-GMO, on product that says it is GMO free.

Mercury Levels in Fish
Artic Cod, OysterStriped Bass, Monkfish*Bluefish, Shark*
Anchovies, Sardines Carp, Freshwater PerchGrouper*, Swordfish
Butterfish, PollackAlaskan Cod, SablefishMackeral, Tilefish*
Catfish*, Flounder*Pacific Croaker, Skate*Marlin*
Domestic Crab, ClamPacific/Atlanta Halibut,Orange Roughy*
Crawfish/CrayfishLobsterSeabass (chileanh*)
Wild, Fresh or Canned SalmonTuna,canned chunk light, Skipjack*Tuna, canned Albacore, Ahi, Yellowfin*
Atlantic HaddockMahi Mahi
Herring, Pacific SoleWeakfish (Sea Trout)
Scallop, Shrimp*, SquidSnapper*
Atlantic Croaker
North Atlantic Mackeral * Overfished
Whitefish, Ocean Perch



If  you want to narrow down the list even more the top five food items you should buy organic 1) Potatoes; 2) Leafy Lettuce Greens; 3) Peppers and Celery 4) Spinach and Collard Greens and 5) Apples.



  1. I buy nearly all my fruits and vegetables organic: it's more expensive than "regular", but it's still less expensive than buying ready-made food that you have no idea exactly what's in.
    I'm going to translate your list of fish as the level of mercury is one of my concern and I admit I don't know all the fish names in English! If there was a TV show about fishermen, I might learn them!!!

  2. My husband and I have switched to almost completely organic. A few years ago we couldn't have done this without it taking a serous chunk out of our budget but then in June of last year, I had a health scare and one of the things recommended to heal was to switch to organic. We were surprised to find that it's gotten much more affordable. Grass fed meat is our biggest food expense but we've decided to spend that extra money.

    As more and more people chose organic, more and more farmers will grow it. That's one of the reason why I shop our local farmers' market and once we're settled again, I'll be joining a CSA again.

  3. Where do you buy organic potatoes. I have never seen any. I am growing my own this year.

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