An Independence Day Flea Market & Trip

Carmel Creek Goat's Milk Soap

On Thursday afternoon, about 3 p.m., we decided to go away for the weekend! I had no idea where we were going so I Google searched "July 4th flea market, IL". The very first link to come up was "Towanda" Flea Market!  My first though was where the h..l is Towanda? It lies between Normal […]

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Sunday’s Best #63 Par.tay

Sunday's Best Par.tay

Hello everyone....just got back from a wonderful Independence Day Weekend Getaway! We hope you had a wonderful one too! Welcome To Sunday's Best #63 Par.tay!  I  enjoy seeing what you've been up to.... what creative inspiration you've come up with the crafts you've worked on the food and drinks you've concocted and the decorating you've […]

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Independence Day Mantel and a Trip!

Vintage Gas Can

I am so excited I feel this Independence Day is especially for me! I know it isn't, but I feel like it is. Why you might ask?  It's really hard to get Mr. C to take a trip.  He loves being at home and it's like pulling teeth to get him out. Well, we were […]

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Patriotic Kitchen Nook

Patriotic Kitchen Nook

I think it's important to show our patriotism, especially during our current trying times. This year I really wanted to decorate to celebrate. I quickly and inexpensively pulled together my take on a patriotic kitchen nook. Since I haven't had our kitchen reveal yet I''m sharing our nook only. You know me by now,  every […]

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MGS: How To Plant Flower Containers

Container Garden

 I've been so busy in my garden that I haven't been able to post any articles on the Master Gardening Series (MGS). You've probably already have your containers done for this year, but keep these guidelines for next year. There are over 34 flower containers in my garden which is 85% shade which provide summer […]

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Marley Community Church Vintage Flea Market

Cottage Oil Painting

The other day I shared the historic homes of Marley, IL. Today I'm sharing the Marley Community Church Vintage Flea Market. Saturday was Marley's Community Church 50th Vintage Flea Market. It was a beautiful morning, sun out, no humidity, and I was so excited to be here. The market was held in the park right […]

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Historic Town Of Marley IL and Vintage Flea Market

Marley Community Church

Yesterday morning my day started bright and early! Up at 6, and ready to attend one of the best local flea markets! It was the 50th Anniversary of the Marley Vintage Flea Market with over 100 dealers at a park! I fell in love with this very small, quaint community! Today I'm sharing the history […]

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Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me


Why I am I revealing that I turn 64 today? Shouldn't I keep that secret? The fact that I was a Beatles fan turning that specific age when there is a song about turning 64 makes me turn to it. The irony of this for a Beatles fan is evident. Plus, I have never hidden […]

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A Bike, A Teacup and Me

Vintage Tea Cup

I've been so busy in the garden, finishing the kitchen updo and the deck renewal. But the garden is doing me in!  Our garden got so out of hand since I did not work in it last year. I've been spending 8-10 hours, weeding, planting, moving and pruning, to get it back to where she […]

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Kitchen Updo: A Corner In My Kitchen

Cornern In Our Kitcheb

You're probably tired of me saying this, but it has been soooooooooooooooooo gorgeous outside.  I wake up at 6:00 a.m., grab a cup of tea and sit on the porch....then change and head out to the weed and embrace all the great things to do gardening wise. Another peak at our kitchen updo: A […]

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