Cottage Summer Mantel & Hard To Focus

A Cottage Summer Mantel

I walked in to HL last week to see Fall decorations everywhere!  It immediately struck me I haven't shared our... Cottage Summer Mantel with you! But before I do, I want to explain why my photos may not always be in "focus".  Last December I suffered a hemorrhage in my right eye.  I knew something […]

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MG Series: Leaf Spot Diseases of Rudbeckia

Rudbeckia Black Spots

Today's MG Series: Leaf Spot Diseases of Rudbeckia. Rudbeckia, Black Eyed Susan, is in the Asteraceae family, and their common name is coneflower or black eyed susan. A beloved cottage and cutting garden staples, with their marvelous blends of gold, orange, reddish, and mahogany petals on daisies up to 6 inches across. They are a […]

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July Sun Garden Part 3

Indeterminate Tomato, Garden Accessories

I  know I keep saying hoping you won't mind reading it again. DO NOT START 3 MAJOR PROJECTS ALL AT THE SAME TIME! There, I feel so much better now. It's been so busy, finishing projects, starting new ones, garage sales and some of the best vintage and barn sales I've ever been to!!! […]

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Sunday’s Best #64 Partay!

Happy August everyone....summer is going by to fast! Hoping you all are having a wonderful weekend. Welcome To Sunday's Best #64 Par.tay!  I  enjoy seeing what you've been up to.... what creative inspiration you've come up with the crafts you've worked on the food and drinks you've concocted and the decorating you've designed and visiting […]

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Whats Numbers Got To Do With It

Cottage Address Sign

Hope to see you all later today,  4 central, for Sunday's Best Party. There hasn't been address sign on our house for a really long time.  I've always felt that it's not hard to spot our home.. It's the only yellow house on the block... It's the only one with a garden in the  front... […]

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Kitchen Updo: Corner Dish Cabinet

Vintage England Bell

I bet you thought I was going to show my kitchen reveal?  I promise one day I will, but today I'm sharing another Kitchen Updo: Corner Dish Cabinet. I found this cabinet at a thrift store (that's how I roll) and updated it (sorry no before picture) by adding crown molding, beadboard backing and new […]

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Teacups and mugs and I’m In Hiding

Tea Cups

The last few days has been beautiful, and yesterday I stopped at Savers for a quick look.  I found some pretty teacups and mugs and I'm in hiding this week! Last Saturday Mr. C and I went to my nephews wedding, and we did not have fun.  The bride and groom looked wonderful, and are […]

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Canning/Preserving: Claussen Refrigerator Pickles

Claussen Refrigerator Pickles

The last two weeks pickles have been showing up at the farmers market so I decided to make a batch.  I enjoyed Canning/Preserving: Claussen Refrigerator Pickles seemed perfect since we just ran out of them. I love anything pickled....but I shouldn't be eating them since I am allergic to yeast!  That means yeast bread, vinegar, […]

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Master Gardening Series: Nasty Aphids

Red Aphids

I feel like I owe so many of you an apology....I've gotten so busy with too many projects...and time in my garden that I've let this series slide. This Master Gardening Series: Nasty Aphids. It was very hot here for two days in a row and I wandered outside to water some containers. One of […]

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Homemade Lemon Curd Berry Trifle

Lemon Curd with Berry Trifle

You might not know I love to cook . . . and did so professionally for 20 years. Once I retired  my business my love for cooking re-ignited, all the pressure was gone, the food industry is a high stress and demanding business. With all the available fresh berries I wanted to make Homemade Lemon […]

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