Vintage Cottage Table Runner Curtains

Vintage Table Runner Curtains

When the weather finally breaks from winter... The Spring has come again For the grass is growing green, And among the fields of clover Bright butterflies are seen. The little birds are singing sweetly As they fly from tree to tree... The busy bees are gathering The honey from the flowers, And the merry birds […]

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MG Series: Best Tips For Healthy Lawns


I've never understood America's love affair with their Blades of Glory, but here's a few Tips For Healthy Lawns! Oh green, vibrant rich thatch of earth, so perfectly cut, each blade precise; As tufts of cyan and amber sprout wild and feral in an unruly tangle. My hapless endeavor, with tool in hand, against weed […]

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Blogiversary Giveaway Winners

Vintage Dish with Lid

Hello dear friends! It was so sweet of all of you to take the time to comment, and congratulate us, on our 3rd year Blogiversary!  It really meant a lot, it really does! Its flattering to know that you enjoy the blog and what is shared at the Charmer.  Its unbelievable that so many friends/visitors […]

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Out Junkin #13

standing globe

Hello friends, I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend! Its been pouring rain in IL for the last 4 days.  With so much rain I'm worried some of the garden plants will die from drowning!  The ground is saturated and plants are not able to breath. Plants can drown just like us, they […]

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Late May Garden Blooms

Fringed Bleeding Heart

I was so happy to be able to work a bit out in my garden today.  My method was crawling around like a baby on all fours in the's getting the job done!  I can only do this for about two hours, which in the size of my garden is gonna take awhile to […]

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Lilac At The Charmer

lilac in yellow vase

Last week our Miss Kim lilacs (dwarf) began blooming on the Charmer's south side.  Even though they bloomed a little later than usual they are still spectacular.  It was fun to clipping the blossoms to bring inside the Charmer. Follow

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MG Series: Prune Now For More Fall Blooms


It's late Spring and I'm already thinking about my gardens Fall blooms (perennials).  Why? Because what I do now will give me compact flowering plants in Fall such as Asters, Sedum and Chrysanthemums! For behold the winter is passed;the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing come, […]

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Honey Soy Chicken

Baked Honey Soy Chicken

Hello all, thanks so much for being here visiting! Yesterday and today it's been sunny and beautiful in IL. I've wanted to be outside  working in the garden but my back has other ideas! It's has gotten better since I read an article that offered some great tips. I've had the heating pad on it […]

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Exciting News and Others Things

Vintage Dish with Lid

While I was sitting out side on the porch writing a post, because I can't do much anything else with my back issue, I see an email come in from Better homes and Gardens. My first thought was that it was about renewing my subscription.  I clicked on the email and started reading it... "Hi […]

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MG Series: Hydrangea Care and Pruning

Everlasting Forever Hydrangea

Last week I started working on designing the front gardens of the church I attend. The beds are not that large but one bed has many undesirable elements (plagues that can't be covered, a HUGE memorial stone of a founding founder and a few more).   I'm also donating all the herbaceous plants and the […]

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