A Bump In The Bedroom…..

vintage cabinet

Hello Charming friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful patriotic weekend. The weather was perfect here....but we weren't able to enjoy it because we're still working our butts off -;  The exterior painting is about 95% done, and the gardens are in a bad need of  weeding.  If you find yourself with some extra […]

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When Your Garden Hands You Weeds

weed flowers

Hello Charmer friends!  Sometimes it can seem like your garden hands you weeds more than flowers! With all the rain falling, and little to no sun shinning, in IL, the only thing popping/growing are the weeds? So many of the the annuals I started in the greenhouse just aren't dealing well in these conditions.  I've […]

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Independence Day Back Porch

American Flag

Hello Charmer friends! After completing our two major summer projects I finally had some time to play! Saturday is July 4th, a day I love celebrating.  Did you know for the first 15 or 20 years after the Declaration was written, people didn’t celebrate it much on any date. It was too new and too […]

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Cottage Garden Journal June’s 3rd Week


I've been missing in blogland the last two weeks, it's been crazy busy and we're involved in back breaking hard work.  This week we've been working on changing the color of the Charmer from yellow to a mix of grey/yellow with white trim.  We hired a painted to stain and paint the trim on all […]

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Thoughts And Ramblings

vintage garden bench

Here in the Midwest, Illinois, we weren't able to put out our annual flowers until the first week in June. It was, and still, is a cold and rainy season so far. I can't remember such a rainy June, ever.  It's the 21 of June and it's rained all but 5 days!  In the last […]

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Summer Cottage Garden Party

cottage front porch

Welcome to the Summer Cottage Garden Party! A Summer Cottage Garden Party showcasing eight cottage gardens.  It was a no brainer, the Charmer is a cottage home, and she is surrounded by the cottage gardens I lovingly created and maintain.   It's my first time participating in such a great event and I'm thrilled to […]

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Cottage Garden Journal 2nd Week June


Welcome friends to my Cottage Garden Journal for the second week of June. I'm so busy, busy, busy with the Cottage Garden Party tomorrow, so today is short and sweet with photos only..   Beadstongue Follow

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There Are Times…

woman looking far

source There are times my soul and spirit are heavy, the joy somewhere, deep down inside, I'm sure? Follow

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Rain and More Rain An Apple Update

rain on a window

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by!  It's been raining non-stop here in IL.  It has rained everyday since June 8th and the weather predictions are that it will be raining everyday through June 21st?  I am almost at a point that I'll be pulling out plants to keep them from drowning! Follow

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Chive Blossom Recipes

Chives sketch

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, well most of it!  The chives in our garden are in full bloom.  I love herbs but I always look forward to my chives growing tall and slender. Then the chive blossom appear with its lovely light purple color and an awesome ingredient to be used in so many dishes […]

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