MG Series: Reusing Last Season’s Potting Soil?

worm cartoon

As I'm getting ready to start planting the containers (25 of them) in my garden. It got me thinking about doing this master gardening series on Reusing Last Season's Potting Soil? In every gardener there is a child who believes in The Seed Fairy. Robert Brault Short answer: yes. Some home gardeners think they have […]

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Happy Third Blogiversary To Me!

Cottage Gardens

I've been meaning to put up this post for the last few weeks, but didn't get to it till today.  I'm celebrating my fourth third year blogiversary!  My blog has been around for 4 years, but having been out sick nearly a year I consider it my 3rd anniversary! In 3 years I've..... written over […]

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MG Series: Wisteria

Wisteria in Bloom

My beautiful wisteria is in full bloom right now and was the inspiration for today's mastering gardening (MG) series topic. Follow Related Tags:

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A Bit Of Spring In The Kitchen

Virginia Bluebells

I'll be honest with you all I've struggle to bring myself in from my garden this past week :-}.  After a long hard winter my garden is where I want to be...but since it rained today I'm sitting out on the back porch typing up this post.   Yesterday, as the sun shinned,  I cut a […]

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Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Coco Lime Margarita

It's been so beautiful here the last few days.. . wonderful weather and sunny skies!  So I've been out playing in the greenhouse and gardens.  The flowers in the greenhouse are growing by leaps and bounds! I'll be posting soon, but today, I'm sharing two Cinco de Mayo recipes I'm making Tuesday for Cineo de […]

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Happy May Days

Vintage May Day Dishes

Happy May Days!  It's so exciting that today the month of May has begun!  Each day gets a bit warmer, new Spring buds everywhere, birds chirping, waterfalls running and every thing else great about warmer weather. It's absolutely beautiful here in IL today.. so as soon as I'm done sharing a little bit of my.. […]

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Marinated Flank Steak

Marinted Flank Steak

The weather has been beautiful here the last few days but still dipping into the low 40's at night.  With the cooler night weather we are still craving heartier meals.  We are not big beef eaters and only eat maybe twice a month.  Tonight I made a wonderfully favorable marinaded Flank Steak. Follow Related Tags:

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Vintage Animal Planter Collection

vintage animal planters

Through thrifting I've unknowingly started many collections.  What's the saying, it only takes two to make a collection? I've certainly got that covered!  Last month my milk glass collection was shared with you, and today I'm sharing my vintage animal planter collection. Follow Related Tags:

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MG Series: Ornamental Grasses

Karl Foerster Grass

Ornamental grasses have become very popular to use in gardens and landscape. It's a good idea to understand how they grow which in turn will help you understand how to use them and often avoid disappointment or frustration. Grasses are broken down into two classes:  Cool season and Warm season. Grasses start to grow based […]

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In The Greenhouse

Hyacinth Bean Vine

The last few weeks I've been busy out in the greenhouse.  I've been battling cold and windy nights and to hot temperatures in the green house.  Days there are fans in the greenhouse to keep the temperature below 80°. At night I have space heaters and shop lights on to keep the temperatures above 60°! […]

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