Out Junkin Vintage Shop Hop

Blumen Gardens, Sycamore, IL

The Thursday before last I found out that Illinois and Wisconsin was having a Vintage Shop Hop.  Over 240 shops were participating.  The weather forecast was for sunny and a tad warmer weather, high 40 and low 50's. After a bitter cold hard winter this seemed like a heat wave. Dare I ask, should I […]

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Greek Lamb Shanks In Tomatoes

Lamb Shanks In Tomatoes

I love Greek food, and one of my favorite dishes is Greek Lamb Shanks In Tomatoes. When I was growing up my best girlfriend, Denise, lived across the alley behind our home.  We were best friends right from the get go.  I could see her playing in her backyard and she could see me in […]

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Master Bedroom Construction Phase

cabinet trim

Last Sunday I shared our master bedroom's inspiration photo and the demolition phase, if you haven't seen it click here. It took three years to complete our bedroom remodel and a whole lot of hard work. This morning I'm sharing the Construction Phase Follow

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St. Patrick Vignette and Our Irish History

Irish Thread Banner

Mr. C is half Irish, and was raised by his very Irish grandmother, Margaret Burns.  She was born in County Cork, Ireland and came to the United States when she was 13 years old.  She married Chester Burns from Ireland.  Mr. C has no memory of Chester or what happened to him? Hmmmm. Their were […]

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Master Gardening The Basics Part Three

a seed starting

Welcome back to the Master Gardening The Basics Part Three. If you missed Part I or Part Two click on each link. Part Three in the Series: Plant Dispersal and Adaption. I wonder if the Daffodil Shrinks from the touch of frost, And when her veins grow stiff and still She dreams that life is […]

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Master Bedroom Demolition Phase

bedroom before remodel

Its really been a long time coming to share our Master Bedroom remodel.  The remodel began nearly three years ago, just before I was sick and had surgery.  Today I'm sharing the master bedroom demolition phase. We moved our mattresses into my dressing room during the construction, thinking it would only be for three months, […]

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Chicken and Barley Soup

Chicken and Barley Soup

With the bitter cold continuing, and the snow falling, I've been keeping busy getting the Charmer organized.  So far my vintage linens are organized, magazines cataloged, and almost done sorting through the tons of vintage dishes.  I've separated out all my vintage dishes by season and color.  My fall and Christmas dishes have been packed […]

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Vintage Waffle Irons and Waffles

waffles with bacon and walnuts

When I was a child my mom made all 10 of us children breakfast every morning before we headed out the door for school.  It seemed like she made an endless amount of waffles?  Think about it, if each of us had two waffles, she'd cook a minimum of 20 waffles.  I don't remember the […]

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Master Gardening: The Basics Part Two

Plants Pollination

Master Gardening Series: The Basics Part Two How Plants Make Food and Pollinate This is a three part series on the basics of plants.  Last week, in Part One, Basic Terminology,  A Plants Life Cycle and Parts of a Plant was covered. Have you ever seen a flower down Sometimes angels skip around And in […]

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A Lefton Soap Dish

Lefton Soap Dish

In our small, badly in need of a remodel, bathroom there's been several soap dishes sitting on our sink.  Through the years many dishes held the soaps we used daily. Until I replaced them with a Lefton Soap Dish. Follow

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