Out Junkin…

Hello all....had a few hours to head out the door to do one of my favorite things - out junkin!

I find the best oil paintings at GW...

Oil Painting of Ducks

this one of the ducks was just too cute to pass up.  It's speaks of spring and will be using in a vignette, $2.99

The stool was too cute to pass up too,

hand painted stool
never know when you'll need a stool.  I loved the colors on it, $2.99.

Vintage Suitecase

I picked  the stool up at my friends, Pat's, house.  She's a great picker, $8.00

Vintage Lunch Pail

Vintage lunch pail, estate sale on the way home, $2.o0

Small Vintage Shelf

A cute vintage shelf, I don't have large wall spaces, this size will work well here at the Charmer, $1.99

Hungry Jack Thermoter

I don't know if this is old or not, but has a cute, quaint feel to it, $2.99

Vintage Tin Scoop

This was at the estate sale too, vintage tin scoop, $3.00

Love my treasures from yesterday junkin.

What have you found lately?



  1. You found some great things, Cathy! Love the little stool. I can't believe you found so much in one day. I'm usually lucky if I find one or two things that really make me happy.

  2. Once again, you've found some great things, Cathy! You and I would be very dangerous shopping together, lol.

  3. My, Oh My, Cathy! You have a very good eye for "junque"! I love each one of your treasures. The stool is darling and with such pretty painting. I agree...GW has terrific paintings and at a good price. If I hadn't had frozen fruit in the car today I would have stopped at GW on my way home. Maybe tomorrow!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Carolynn xoxo

  4. Maybe we should move where you live, wow what a haul in one day? I'm so envious. You really hit the jackpot girl. I can see the lunch pail as a planter, awesome painted. Love all of it.
    Our Goodwill has such high prices, we're paying for the new building for ever I guess. The prices for so much of what they have are new prices. What can a person do tho. If you love their junque you love it, lol. We went to our Goodwill (in Grand Junction, CO) today where I found a few things but since I have to make what money I have last til next Wed. I used will power. Next week tho. There was a gorgeous silver plated creamer I'd love to have but at $9.99, kinda pricey. At least Wed. is sr. day. A gal got to a cute older coffee table before me, was $14. 99. Ah well I look on it as not being meant for me.

  5. Wow! Great finds!

  6. Great finds Cathy! Especially that suitcase,and vintage scoop!

  7. Wow! What great finds! I especially love the old suitcase and lunch pail - how cute! Looks like a great haul! I haven't been out hunting lately, but as soon as I have a little extra cash, you know I'll be out there! Enjoy your new goodies! Hugs, Leena

  8. Cathy,
    What great goodies you have snagged!! Congrats!!


  9. I love everyone of those items. what treasures to find and the prices were very good also

  10. What great finds! I want that suitcase! Life to the full, Melissa

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