Vintage Cameras - 1929 Charmer

Out Junkin!

After finishing decorating our Christmas Porch…I had some time to head out and do some junkin!  Oh be still my heart I do love to thirft.

My heart was beating when I spotted this adorable lamp..

It is old, adorable with the prettiest ceramic flowers and leaves…

I just fell in love with it, will fit right in with our cottage theme, $2.99

Next I spotted these two old cameras..

I’ve been looking for a while, and the ones I saw were too expensive, these were $8 each.

A cute little candy dish..

 I don’t typically have candy out but thought I could use it for displaying small ornament, $1.99

I’m not sure why I bought this, but I kept going back..

and checking it out.  It’s a very old cast iron bathroom scale.  I don’t think the vinyl covering is original, but this thing weights a ton.  As you can see the scale is off, I stepped on it before I noticed that and freaked out when I saw my weight!!!!!! $3.50.
What would you do with it?

The last thing I saw was this cute stocking..

the material is chenille with a white snowflake on top, $1.99.

That’s it for this quick trip, what treasures have you found lately?


  1. says

    What I would do with that scale, if it made me think I weighed ever *more* than I do, is that I would probably, possibly, and most likely toss it out the window!!! Haha, I’m sure you’ll find something delightful to do with it. You found many wonderful treasures, great job! Mary

  2. says

    I love thrifting, too…my favorite thing that you found are the cameras. I’ve seen some lovely displays in bookshelves using vintage cameras. Is that how you plan on using them? As for the scale, I have no idea, sorry!

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