Out Junkin!


I was headed back from a doctor's visit when my car just pulled itself into a Savers thrift store parking lot. What was an addicted thrifting girl suppose to do but go in?

For just a quick look!

Low and behold I found a few quick pieces I just had to buy...

Now I don't need barstools since we don't have a bar or a counter to sit at, so they're headed to my booth.  Less than $3 each.

I've been looking for a vintage cupcake tin for awhile, I've found several with 12 cups but I wanted a 6 cup. I was taking a second pass around, you know a just in case I missed something the first pass, when I spotted this, $1.49

A cute red/white enamel pot, $3.00

I couldn't pass up this cute clock, $4.99

I was happy with my few treasures and headed on home when I got a call from my friend Pat.  Don't remember Pat?  Well she my junkin friend, the one who sold me a drop leaf gate leg table that resides in my dinning room.

So  again what's a girl to do, head on over to Pat's house of course!

Here are the treasures I bought from her....

Yup, another dropped leaf gate leg table..

Fully open she's only 42" long.  I found out how versatile the tables are so she's perfect size for my kitchen.  (don not look anywhere but at the table, my house is a MESS transitioning from fall to holiday decor). $65

Vintage drying rack, I've wanted one for so long too.  I want to use it in my booth to hang linens from, but eventually for my laundry room, $10

A beautiful, made in Germany cake plate.  On the bottom is the initial "R" and made in East Germany.  It has pretty flowers on top, for shop.

Enesco cupid dish, for shop.

Very pretty pattern cut glass cake stand, for shop.

Old footstool for Mr. Charmer, $10.  I'll be cleaning it up and changing out the fabric.

Vintage Santa Claus, he has a paper mache face, $5.

It turned to be a unexpected day to be Out junkin!

How about you, have you had an unexpected junkin day?



  1. Wow, you outdid yourself on this trip!!! Great job!

  2. Hi Cathy! I've missed junkin the past month. So much going on with Thanksgiving and company so it was super fun to stop over and see what you found as you went thrifting. That must be some Thrift Store! They sure were stocked with fun treasures. Glad you took the time to share them with us before they get swept off to your booth!

  3. You found some really great stuff! I really love the drop leaf table and the clock! I also noticed a nice looking buffet in the background of the pics.

    T'onna @ Navy Wifey Peters Aboard the USS Crafty

  4. I used to have the same problem with my car and antique stores!!

    What great finds at the thrift store! And that's some neighbour you have. I have to say that I love the colour of this gate leg table.

  5. you found some
    great bargains
    and nifty items

    love that old clock!


  6. I Play Outside The Box says:

    I'm GREEN with envy....love everything you picked up! I'd love to have a 'Pat' in my life.....that table rocks and it was a steal of a deal! I gather you gave her a big bear hug. Ü

  7. Cathy,
    I love your website, just love it. It is so funny that your car just drives itself to go "Junkin" as you put it. Mine does the same thing. I just started my website and am starting a corner in a shop in spring and starting a ETSY shop, besides listing you on my site, I am writing about you in my blog tomorrow. Hope that you don't mind. You make romantic living look easy.
    Lisa Rose

  8. My car seems to turn in at thrift stores, too. What great finds and what a great friend to find things for you. i especially wish to thank you for showing the true nature of your living area - mine is in the same transition mode. I was beginning to think I was the only one with a mess on my hands! My favorites are those bar stools.

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