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Out Junkin…

Good Morning!

Wednesday’s are the days I always go out junkin (well one of days I head out)!  Yesterday as I headed out I hoped to find dishes….dishes I could use for Thanksgiving.

The first store I hit was GW… no dishes…or maybe I say  no Thanksgiving dishes.

I did find four very pretty ones though..

I was thinking of spring when I spotted these and how pretty they would be as part of a wall grouping. The rose plate in the holder is Noritaki – 45¢; the plate on the right has strawberries on it, also Noritaki – 89¢/.

The two smaller front plates are Limoges from France, both have pansies, the left are pansies are rose colored, the right ones are deep violet and yellow, each were .45¢

I really liked this basket, it’s made out of thicker wood twigs, and the twigs are very “knotty”.  I just thought it was different, $1.89.

A cute sleight, the bird is glued on it, like it’s shape and the color is very light aqua, $2.59.

A long tube wicker basket, I have so many small wall nooks I can use this on, filled with some winter greenery, .79¢

The next thrift store I headed to was Savers…and my heart started pounding like crazy when I spotted these.

These would be great for Thanksgiving .

The Mill Alfred Meakin Brown Staffordshire England dinnerware!!!!!


I almost fainted when I seen the price!  8 salad plates $3.99, and 8 dinner plates $6.99 BEFORE 20% off, so I got all 16 plates for a whopping $8.00 – Oh my!

Honestly I couldn’t believe I found these dishes – I mean what would of been the chances of finding them?

I picked up a few other items too..

An old cutting board, .79¢

I debated about his bench..but thought it would look cute in a winter vignette, $2.99

Twig hearts – debated on this for a while, what the heck .79¢

The last item found was this cute creamy white ceramic sleigh which says “Holland Mold” on the bottom, $1.79.

Went I got home the Holland Mold was something I wasn’t familiar so I searched on the web (I’m a research demon) and here’s what I found out.

Holland Mold was created in 1946 by Frank Hollendooner, and Austrian immigrant.  Frank learned mold making at a tile company in his homeland.   He settled in New Jersey, the home to numerous potteries, and with his experience he was easily hired.

Frank was a real likeable guy and made friends with local ceramics industry, who made requests for him to make molds for them.  This prompted him to start his own Holland Mold business in his garage with his brother Frank.  The company lasted 51 years and three generations.  But as always, times change and rubber master molds turn over.

Hope you enjoyed this, I always love learning about the history – I would of made a great detective.

I am so happy I have some beautiful dinnerware for our Thanksgiving table.

What finds have you found lately?


  1. Belynda says

    Cathy: I am rejoicing with you on your Mill Staffordshire dishes! They are perfect for Thanksgiving and what a buy! Love them. They are so pretty.

  2. nancy turner says

    wow how lucky can you get. you must have some great thrift shops near you . those brown dishes are to die for .love that long basket

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