Our Cottage Bookcase…looking Pretty!


Smiles Everyone!

Last week I shared how we took an ugly bookcase to a cottage charmer!

Want to see how we transformed her? Check it out here!

Isn't she pretty - she needs a little prettying up!

I just love it, and pulled all rooms colors in.

It look me about 4 hours before I felt everything worked and felt "balanced".

Warming  - tons of pictures to follow!

The left side..

The middle....

The right side...since this photo I "mirrored" the 2nd shelf to the left.

I used my bird collection, a few of my faves....two Blue birds, left is a Royal Copley, Lefton on right..

A Lefton Blue Jay...

A Lefton Robin...

A Royal Copley Chicken...

Another Lefton Blue Jay...

1929 Charmer

I made a few changes...filled the vase with some of my garden's flowers, and added the little birdcage.

The flowers are John Cabot Rose, Sundrops (yellow), a Hydrangea flower, and a few Pentas, played with a rose picture here too.

1929 Charmer

I found this cute rustic basket and loved how it looked with fern inside. Added the rose sugar bow..

1929 Charmer

Don't ya just love it!

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  1. Yes I do love it so when you are tired of it feel free to send it my way tee hee hee

  2. Very nice job! I love how the trim changed the whole look of it. Nice legs!

    • I think the trimmed out legs are what really made the different. If we haven't done that it would look near as good. I am a leg girl.

  3. Beautiful job, looks wonderful!

  4. It's so charming! I love all the colors you pulled in, and the BIRDS are wonderful!
    Definitely a smile-maker! :)

  5. It looks absolutely grand. Well done!

  6. Tara@Tales of a Trophy WIfe says:

    I do just love it-great job. I'm not going at putting stuff together like that-when I try it always just looks messy.

  7. This is a work of art, I love it!

  8. I love your bookcase and all the accessorizing is wonderful! You've really got a great piece of furniture to showcase your finds!

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