Christmas Boxwood Ornament

Nature Inspired Christmas Wall Art…


I’m busy, busy, busy enjoying Christmas decorating the last two weeks…using a tradition and natural style.  Today I put together a Nature Inspired Christmas Wall Art project that I used on my small staircase wall.    Here’s how the wall looked decorated in a fall leaf look.

An easy, nature inspired look… as you can see there’s three…

Christmas Twig and Boxwood Card

Fell in love with this cute snowman, I had all three frames, placed a cute red/white fabric inside, added a $ Tree Twig wreath, and then outlined the card with fresh Boxwood clippings.

Christmas Boxwood Ornament

Used a light wool fabric behind, using a cup traced out cut a circle on light cardboard.  Painted the the cut out circle green, and hot glued Boxwood cuttings in circles inside till covered.  Added a small red bow and a red/white ticking scrap as the hanger.

Button Tree with Twig Stand

The fabric is a red chenille, cut out a tree from the back of the santa card, hot glued buttons, and added twigs for the tree base.

The three pieces are so simple, and hardly took any time at all.

Love simple, inexpensive projects like these.  Each provides a little bit of Christmas.

Have you done any quick and easy projects for the holidays?


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