Natural Candle Bobeches {tutorial}


I’ve been having fun using different evergreen trimmings from our garden for our holiday decorating. Yesterday I started working on a candle vignette and decided to add some Natural Candle Bobeches.

What is a Candle Bobeche?
It’s a decorative collar to catch wax drippings – also used to add/suspend glass crystals on chandeliers.

I love the glass look – but I wanted a natural, easy and free look!

To create the bobeches I started with 3 candlesticks picked up at thrift stores.

I headed outdoors and snipped a few greens off a juniper, boxwood and yew.

Mr. Charmer had some tag wire (sorry don’t know gage size) used to shape the base…

the wire is flexible enough to be shaped. The wire was for shaped using the top of the candlestick lip…

and used a needle nose pliers to twist the ends together.

I made 2 round and 1 square (or close to a square).

The first was made was with a boxwood cutting and placed on top of the candlestick base.

The boxwood was attached to the form using the wire from a floral pick.  It was the only flexible wire I had on hand and worked really well, easy as untwisting from the pick.

I like how they look, the first is juniper, boxwood and then yew.

A very simple easy project to do, less than 40 minutes.

A very quick, easy and inexpensive holiday project.

Have you used any candle Bobeches in your decorating?


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  1. says

    So cute! I use these on my candles for the season, but never thought to make my own. I guess I’ll just have to do fresh from now on.
    Saw you sharing at Debbiedoo’s.
    Debbie :)

  2. says

    These are really pretty. Wish I had some pretty greens growing right now but we don’t/You did a good job on these.
    Over from Delightsome

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