holiday mantel

Memories of Mom Rustic Mantel!

Smiles Everyone,


I so miss my Momma during the holidays.

She was always the heart of it.

Our rustic themed mantel was done on a budget

and with her in my heart.

If you want to see how I attached the vintage sheet music to the wall click here.

holiday mantel

My Mom was inspirational with her decorating.  I was always amazed how she could turn something ugly into something quite extraordinary.

holiday mantel

She loved having all her children (10) there.  Loved greenery on the mantel. We did not have an easy life. But she was determined, and we knew, nothing would stop her from providing us this happy time.

She would of loved thrifting and all the finds there are today.


Not only did she decorate, but she was an incredible cook and baker.  She would bake for weeks,and would hide the cookies in an attic that you accessed through a drop down ceiling ladder. 

Mom loved the glitter of lights.


She would of grabbed the cute snowman as quickly as I did for $3.50. He would of made her smile.


I don’t have many holiday items of her’s, but the pearls around the tree where hers.  On the top is a bracelet that I opened up, and the bottom is a necklace.

mantel Mom loved Santa faces and stars.

mantel She loved anything red.

holiday mantel

She loved birch logs, so I was happy when I found the set, for only $3.oo.


We made the red ornament (middle) many years ago, she was also very crafty. She’d have a smile on her face as soon as she seen I used and old metal garden rake to hang some ornaments on.

holiday firebox The chair is one of a set I have from our living room when I was little girl. She loved little Christmas Trees with red bows on them. The stool by the chair is a very old  milking stool. She would of been sitting right there drinking her coffee.  

She also loved plaid for the holidays, so I covered the chair seat in a wool plaid. There are a few more treasured items that I have of her’s that you can’t see, but will be in some of my future posts.

If wishes were granted, I would love to have a few more moments with her. Here!

Savvy Southern Style


  1. Annette Tracy says

    Boy, such a touching post to your mom. I agree, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could have just one more holiday w/them? I was just telling someone today about the Christmas my mom came to live w/me, in was in school full time and working part time, and we had no money so made all of our ornaments for the tree. It was one of the most memorable Christmases I’ve ever had!

  2. says

    Hi, Cathy

    I just love your mantle. How lovely and the music sheet on the wall is a great touch.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog, I appreciate your kind words.

    Have a great week.


  3. says

    i am sure the holidays are always tough-this will be the first we are facing without my father, and i am trying not to think about it. he passed 3 and a half months ago, so it’s still very fresh for us.

    i think those pearls are such a fabulous way of incorporating your mom into your decorating, as well as the birch logs that she loved. i have been super into them lately, and hopefully i can find some for the great price you got yours for.

    best to you!

  4. says

    It is beautiful, the fireplace and the story. You have your Mom in your heart and it sounds as though her spirit is alive and well. Cherish that. Merry Christmas!

  5. barbara woods says

    my daughter has 10 kids by herself now she really has it rough but is proud and does’t beg she works every day and all the over time she can get and i am very proud of her. so i know how your mother raised her kids

  6. Tardevil says

    Very nice how this post and your mantel honors the memory of your mom. Her spirit is alive and well in your Christmas decor. I’m sure she would be very proud of you!

  7. says

    Dear Cathy..Love the sentiments behind it.. Moms do that to us.. Beautifully written post and every detail revolves around your momma..(bless her soul)…even my ma loves red.. :o) Love the music the santas..the rustic charm of the red bricks and the birch logs..(though we dont get them in this part of the world..I simply love how they can bring a smile on my face..your new follower :o)love your home… real christmasy.. Enjoy the season with family and friends..blessings-all the way from Dubai.

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