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Looking Out Our Rear View Mirror: January

January started and left with a bang.  It will be a January we will  always remember because of our precious Bo’s passing.  It was a week on Friday, and I’ve been trying to keep busy to help ease the transition of our loss.

It will be fun to share with you our January at the Charmer!

1929 Charmer Wrap Up

January began with giving us some beautiful snow.

Heated Brid Bath - 1029 Charmer

We knew our feathered friends lose a lot of heat to “melt” snow for drinking.  We helped them out by provided a fresh water source all winter long by making a heated bird bath.  They just love it, they bath in it, drink from it and socialize all day long.

Vignettes:  Three vignettes were pulled together during the month.

Winter Mantel

Right after the holidays the first vignette I did was our Winter Mantel. I so love winter and wanted to create one that represented the season. My chalkboard above was made out of an old broiler pan, and I just love it.

The second vignette was again in  honor of winter too!

Winter Buffet Vignete

I basically kept what was out for our Christmas Buffet and just “winterized” most of what was used for our Winter Buffet look. I enjoyed seeing everything that I love about winter. Red Cardinals popping out against the white snow, snowflakes and snowballs.

I started decorating for Valentine’s earlier than I normally do. But that’s OK. I was excited to do the red and white theme inspired from our Christmas Mantel.

Valentine Old Window Vignette

The old chippy windows were freebies from our next door neighbor who had her basement windows replace.  I headed over to grab them up before they ended up in the dumpster.  They were the basis for our Valentine Vignette. I went with an nontraditional look, but I love it.

Knitting Projects:  I used to knit a lot, mostly sweaters, hats and gloves.   My Mom taught me at a young age, we’d spend many a night knitting and chatting together, some of  my fondest memories as a child.

Valentine Knitted Hearts

I picked smaller projects to kick off  my knitting craze.  While web browsing when I spotted these cute knitted hearts.   Each heart was less than a half hour to knit up – my kind of project. I just love them!

The second project was going to be a Valentine gift for Mr. Charmer!

Valentine Mug Hug

Mr. Charmer loves when I make him gifts, he appreciates the time and love that goes into them.  The Valentine Hug Mug was another quick project, and fun to make – Mr. Charmer drinks lots of coffee and this will help keep it hot.

Valentines: Besides the two knitting projects I also pulled together another needle work project.

Valentine Hoop Art

My Valentine Fabric Hoops were so much fun to make.  Another quick and easy project using some very pretty fabrics and a stitch or two.  I love these so much I won’t want to take them down!  Maybe I can incorporate them in to a bedroom makeover were doing.

Out Junkin: I didn’t head out junkin too much, it was obvious Bo was really declining and I wanted to stay close to home. But I did get out one day earlier in the month.

Blue Onion Soup Tureen

My one Been Junkin trip scored me a few good pieces, and it also provided me 6 old basement windows free!

In The Kitchen: Two recipes were shared this month.

In The Kitchen - 1929 Charmer

Pumpkin Seed Brittle and Penne Pasta with Light Brussel Sprout Ragu.  Both so worth making!

We will always remember January 2013 as the month we lost our Beloved Bo!

Laid Back Bo

What a wonderful family member he was – and will always be in our hearts!

I hope you enjoyed touring our Monthly Memory lane trip with us.

Hope you’ll share your creative inspiration with us tomorrow at Sunday’s Best #56 Par.tay…


  1. Rondell says

    I’m so sorry about Bo, he looks like he would have been such a cuddly friend.
    You were busy in January I especially love the blue and white tureen!

  2. says

    What a busy start to the new year! You have accomplished so many great projects. I love the monthly wrap up, a great way to recap. See you tomorrow!

  3. says

    You have been one busy girl, Cathy. Oh, and I love your header, too. Beautiful! What to Do weekend Party thanks you!! Your bloggy friend, Linda

  4. pat says

    I’m so, so sorry about your lovely Bo. Our family has also recently suffered the loss of our cherished, fluffy cat. My 17 year old daughter turned into a small, broken-hearted child and wanted to sleep in between my husband and I for comfort the first night after our kitty was gone. Our family understands your sorrow.

  5. says

    You really have kept yourself busy. Just take each day as it comes, keep your mind and your hands busy… it won’t take away the pain, but it will help pass the time until you can think of Bo and smile! Love your knitting projects, I did go over and got the little heart pattern. I’m still a fairly new knitter so this might be a perfect project for me. You really scored on those windows and your mantel was lOVEly! My heart still breaks for you and sending you and your family my prayers!

  6. Melissa says

    Cathy, new to your blog…love it! I love your knitted hearts and cup cozy…where did you get the pattern? Your vignettes are beautiful. I am very sorry about the loss of Bo, I know how hard it can be. GOD BLESS.

  7. says

    I wish I could remember how to knit.I learned as a child too.But have not done it in many,many,many years.What sweet little hearts!Pretty vignettes too!

  8. Geneva says

    You had a very productive January … Your charmer is full of creativity and looks great with your magic touch. So sorry for your loss…Bo looked like the perfect companion. Hugs!

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