Looking Out My Rear View Mirror: November


Good Morning!
November again been a beautiful month for the weather! There have been many activities and projects going on at the Charmer, Looking Out My Rear View Mirror: November, and I'm happy to share with you. It is also so much found to look back and see what we've been up to this past month.

November turned out to be a great month for junkin, curtains and a few warm and comforting recipes!

Burlap Trimmer Drop Cloth Curtains: My biggest project for the month was the curtains. The Charmer was built with no insulation and has the original single pane windows.  Let me tell you it can get very cold here in winter - the other problem is Mr. Charmer will not let the heat go above 70°!

  So I just can't crank up the heat, this house needs warm curtains.  I made them out of drop cloths and Landscape burlap.  I am so very pleased how the turned out, and they will do a wonderful job  keeping the cold Illinois winds out.

Tutorial: I was happy to shared a tutorial on how to make the curtains. Good things are meant to be shared!

Thanksgiving Table: Just a few days before Thanksgiving I was lucky enough to find a 8 piece place setting of Old Mill Brown pattern transferware dishes.  I was more than thrilled.  The dishes made our dinning room table complete.

Out Junkin! - It was a good month for me to be out junkin!  When we head out it can be a hit or miss!! I found lovely dishes, fall throws, enamel pitcher, and another gate leg drop leaf  table from my friend Pat.

I also shared some great fall/cool weather dishes: Spiced Apple Cake with Maple Glaze, Slow Cooker Stuffed Cabbage and Thanksgiving Leftovers: Turkey Sheppard's Pie.

It's been a busy and fun month, and I look forward to sharing with you all next month our activity from December.



  1. Those curtains are GORGEOUS!!! I love them and thanks for another wonderful party and it does look wonderful. Too wonderful...I'll spend hours browsing. Have a great day. Linda

  2. Cathy, I can't get over your curtains. I love how you have them at different heights. That is such a cool idea. Looks like you had a very productive, creative and beautifully thrifty November! Nice!

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