Letter Rack Plate Holder

Letter Holder Dish Rack

For a long time I’ve looked for a chicken feeder rack to hold some of our dishes.  I’ve found longer ones or others that where too expensive.  Recently at Goodwill I spotted a metal letter holder that I thought would work great for a Letter Holder Dish Rack!

Letter Rack Plate Holder

It was only $1.99 and is perfect for smaller bread, dessert and salad plates!

Letter Rack Plate Holder

I love how it looks on my Valentine buffet, which I am finishing today.

Boy, by the time I get done, Valentine’s will be over!

Have you ever used a letter holder for a dish rack?


  1. says

    It makes for a very pretty display, Cathy! I’ve used a silver toast holder to hold discs for my computer and used it at Christmas time to hold some paper pockets I made. I actually have two dish holders in a scrolly black, but have stored them since we moved here as there isn’t much room to use them right now.

  2. says

    Well I haven’t ever counted birds in my back yard that I feed, however I am sure there is 20 or more cardinals that I feed sunflower seeds to every day .

    I could be a bird watcher and a bird counter LOL

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