1929 Charmer Kitchen

Kitchen Remodel Part 3: The Reveal!

Smiles Everyone,..

I’m so excited to show photos of our kitchen remodel remodel reveal!

Honestly, it was pretty pain.ful and em.bar.ras.sing to show you the  before! UGH!

The remodel took nearly 2 1/2 months to complete,

was exciting, stressful, overwhelming and expensive.  At times I thought I had walked through the gates of hell!

The existing cabinets were a product of a  cheap remodel in the 50’s . Not worth reusing in the kitchen.

Drum Roll Please!

The Before….


The After!


The Before…


As you enter the kitchen from the  main living area – the stove was right next to the doorway.  Not cool!

This is the only area in the kitchen that I had cabinets.  In the first photo I brought in a Hoosier cabinet to provide more storage area.

The After!

1929 Charmer

We did custom cabinetry, we wanted to squeeze out every inch of cabinetry that we could, so custom as the way to go. 95% of the bottom cabinets are drawers.  Drawers are more space efficient than cabinets with pull out drawers.  I also love how easy they are to use.

I did not have a dishwasher for nearly 20 years!!!!!! The dishwasher is located where the stove used to be.

charmer titchen

The cabinets are Cherry wood with a dark Mahogany stain.  I used this area as my baking center, all my baking supplies are stored in the smaller cabinet.

charmer kitchen

“Old” looking glass was put in to 2 of my largest cabinets, to help provide an open feel.

The back splash is a tin copper looking tile, and all the kitchen outlets were covered to match.

The Sink Area Before…


The Sink Area After!

Moving the sink area to the corner from under the window opened up 6′ of counter space (left of sink).

charmer kitcheb

My counter space went from having 4.5′  to 16.5′ feet of counter.   What a difference!

Moving the sink from under the window to the corner provided a 5′ counter left of the stove. The majority of my food prep is done here.

Moving farther down Before!


Moving Farther Down After!

The stove is pretty much where the refrigerator use to be.  We extended cabinets from the stove all the way down to the window where the nook area stars.

charmer kitchen

All the cabinetry in the right of the stove is added storage that I did not have before.

Oak hardwood flooring was added throughout the kitchen.

charmer kitchen

The refrigerator was moved to the left side of the kitchen where the Hoosier cabinet use to be.

charmer kitchen

Went with a built in look, and also added the cabinets to the right of the refrigerator.  The bottom door of the top cabinet houses my Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  This area is just left to my baking center.

The bottom drawer is a vegetable bin for onions/potatoes etc.

charmer kitchen

I love the large chalkboard here, use it all the time.

charmer kitchen
I like to change things up a lot, so I choose Formica stone looking counter tops. I really don’t like granite.

charmer kitchen

Love vignettes that I see all across blogland.  But as soon as I took the pictures, the vignettes were gone! I lived so long with so little counter space that I like them clear.

 The Nook Before

kitchen The Nook Area After!

charmer kitichen If you’d like to see more about the kitchen nook remodel click here.

I just love my new kitchen.

It was so worth it!

Don’t You?


  1. says

    You must be in heaven with all that extra storage and counter space. I’m looking into the Formica marble counter for my kitchen redecorate project. I can’t justify the expense of real stone and the new stuff looks pretty good. Were you happy with the look of the Formica when it was installed?

  2. says

    That is an amazing transformation. I kept scrolling up and down to compare the photos.
    Doesn’t even look like the same house. You must be thrilled! Now what’s for dinner? LOL!

    • says

      To this day when I walk in I expect to see the old kitchen, I don’t think I’ll ever not be surprised when I walk in, and smile because the nightmare is over.

  3. says

    A fresh kitchen in the house makes the whole home feel new again. We spend so much time in our own kitchen, I can just imagine how much time you’ll be spending in yours! Enjoy your planning and hard work! The cabs look great! andrea@townandprairie

  4. says

    Wow! Words don’t even begin to describe how amazing this transformation is. You’ve got to be lovin’ this and cookin’ in this. Wow! I am pinning for a one-day transformation. Love it!

  5. says

    Love the whole feel of this kitchen. My favorites are the copper tiled back splash, the cabinets and the glass doors and the floor!!


  6. says

    Cathy, your kitchen is gorgeous. I love the cabinets and the hardware you chose. I would love to cook my family meals in a kitchen as beautiful as yours. You must be thrilled to have the work completed.

  7. says

    Your kitchen is fabulous! I know you are loving all that counterspace now! I live in an old house with a very small kitchen. I don’t have a dishwasher right now either, so I’m dreaming of a kitchen addition/ renovation. I really like the way your Viking refrigerator looks, too.

  8. says

    Congratulations on your new beautiful kitchen! It looks just amazing :o)

    PS. I am now following you on Google…hope you will
    follow me back :o)

  9. says

    Wow, what a change! I think you deserve such a beautiful kitchen after 20 years without a dishwasher! I’m on year #4 and the kitchen reno just got put off. Again. Can you tell me if custom was worth the extra money? Was it a lot more expensive? I hope you don’t mind my asking! Thanks for sharing your new kitchen with us!

  10. says

    Love the cherry cabinets. And love that they are multi-level so you have room to put pretty stuff on them. The whole thing looks fabulous!

  11. says

    What a wonderful kitchen transformation. I’m with you in not liking granite, so I love the calm counters you chose. You seem to have really thought through the location of all the appliances – it looks so functional now. I bet you enjoy cooking a lot more now.

  12. says

    What a beautiful transformation. I have an old house (1890) and am working on my kitchen right now. I intend to use the tin-look tiles for the backsplash, too. Love the look! Any tips? Thanks! (Just added you to my reading list. Looking forward to more.)

  13. Tracy says

    What a wonderful change. It seems so huge now! I am glad you were able to completely change the entire room. It was well worth the 2 and half months of construction.

  14. says

    WOW!! What an amazing makeover, Cathy. I LOVE those cabinets. Like you, I put in mostly drawers on the bottom cabinets when I designed my kitchen and I love them. I’ll bet you are really enjoying this space to the max now.

    Thanks so much for linking up and sharing!
    “Kiss Me I’m Irish” linky party now open

  15. says

    Cathy! It’s absolutely stunning! I saw on the 19th really quickly that you had revealed this and haven’t had time to get back to really thoroughly look through it til now…so busy! I didn’t even blog for 6 days! And I kept having it in the back of my head to get back here and look at your kitchen and am so glad I did this this a.m…..you should be sooooo proud! I love it! Homey, inviting, warm and TONS OF SPACE! Lucky you!
    xo wendy

  16. says

    Good Monday morning!! Just dropping by to say you are featured this week on Busy Monday at A Pinch Of Joy! Congratulations! Yours was the most visited post last week! And your kitchen transformation is stunning! Please feel free to grab a featured button from the button box!

  17. says

    WOWEE!! I just love this transformation and it is all so beautiful. Warm and welcoming with tons of charm! :-) Thank you so much for sharing this last weekend at Inspiration Friday!

  18. says

    Oh my goodness, that is a beautiful kitchen!! What an amazing transformation. Great job! I hope you’re spending a lot of time sitting in that kitchen staring at its beauty. :)

  19. says

    Your new kitchen is fabulous! Looks like you saved the copper back splash from before? I love that! And love your color choices BLUE is stunning with the rich wood of the cabinets! I see way too much white, off white, ivory, in bloggers’ houses…I love color!

  20. says

    I would so give you a super accomplishment award…I am serious…This is such an awesome kitchen, and I am in love with the back splash. Glad yo shared on the 7×7 award…Lori

  21. Rebecca says

    Wow! That is amazing….it looks phenomenal! I bet you just dance through the kitchen like a Disney character because your so happy with the turn out…I would! lol What is the piece over the window? Something you made, or had installed?

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