1. You have some beautiful flowers in your gardens, Cathy! Love the Queen of the Prairie, and how pretty it looks in your sweet vignette! I like that you gave us a little info on how to grow these pretty flowers. I hate hot, sticky days, too. It really makes a gal want to sit in the shade with a good book and a tall glass of something cold and sweet. I’ve even been known to bring a fan outside with me – haha! xo Karen

  2. Gorgeous photos of your flowers. I do NOT tolerate heat we’ll at all. The last week visiting Nebraska with it’s heat AND humidity took a toll on this Washington girl. I understand how you feel. :-). Take care and stay cool.

  3. Beautiful flowers! Be careful in the heat. It’s been horrible here – yesterday’s heat index was 108. YIKES!! Needless to say, I’m not out much during the day.

    Have a good day.


  4. For someone who is miserable in heat and humidity you sure have a gorgeous garden in spite of it! I love the heirloom rose, so glad you didn’t pull it up.

    The brown gravel in your picture, do you remember what it is? After months of looking at Pinterest I realize that the gravel areas I like the best in gardens is brown. Does it have a name? It’s so pretty!

  5. Your flowers are gorgeous. When it is nasty hot here, I take 2 jugs of water with Miracle Gro in them with me and water as I go up to the mail box or clothesline! Energy conservation is important; especially when it is mine! I promise God every winter (in Maine!) that I won’t complain about hot weather is He would only warm it up. I usually fail miserably but have learned to work on a sedentary project (sewing, crafting, card making) when it is hot. Otherwise, I’d have to go clean the cellar where it is lovely cool! Been putting it off for years now!

  6. Such pretty flowers, Cathy! You definitely have a green thumb. Zinnias are so beautiful, aren’t they? Everything looks fresh and healthy. We have been battling extreme heat, here, but today, it rained – something completely uncharacteristic for Crete in July!!

    Have a wonderful week,

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